View Full Version : Warwickshire Speed Camera partnership asks bikers “Are you a BUMMER?”

16th October 2004, 01:04
In a move likely to both alienate and insult, the Warwickshire Speed Camera Partnership has sent out postcards to riders with titles like “Through-and-through bummer” showing three bikes crashing into hedges – and in one truly insulting cartoon, a graveyard with a biker’s tombstone on it.

They claim they chose the word as a tortured acronym for ‘Be Under Maximum MPH Every Ride’ and because a "bummer" is slang for a bad time.

One line from the organisation's website suggests: "You can also help others by sharing your 'Bummer' experiences."

To see the cartoons, click here. (http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/Web/corporate/pages.nsf/Links/D32E8FF45C974BFC80256EE4004EC76F)

If anyone finds these cartoons insulting, then complain to the Warwickshire Speed Camera partnership at roadsafety@warwickshire.gov.uk

16th October 2004, 01:18
insulting ? amusing :msn-wink: That one that goes thru the clouds must have one of those bikes that the battlestar galactica crew had when they came to earth :D
and everyone else in the pics seem to be having such a goood time.......... :doctor:

16th October 2004, 03:51
Yeah well bummer is an old slang term for an arse bandit....imagine if the LTSA had spent their ill gotten gains on this sort of crap over there.

Perhaps we should email them and ask them if they, in fact are A.R.S.E. B.A.N.D.I.T.S.
Acronyms Requiring Substantial Explanation Blisssfully Assinine Never Doubting It's Traducing Safety :niceone:

16th October 2004, 16:16
That is so bizzare. Whats really funny for me, Warwickshire is where I grew up until I was 8 and moved to NZ. Its so strange to see a place I remember with fond memories from childhood mentioned on a forum on the other side of the world. It is a small world after all. :laugh:

16th October 2004, 16:42
Excellant work Blu ! :first: