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6th November 2007, 11:34


PROTIP: never ride without full insurance cover or all those summer holidays working for your first bike will go in the bin

6th November 2007, 14:41
Nah, you posted it in Club 250. :P

6th November 2007, 15:14
i posted here too

6th November 2007, 16:23
Yep, and don't rely on the disputes tribunal for speedy justice.

Had my hearing yesterday - adjourned with no finding, and another date to be set. Referee was next to useless, and hadn't read my submissions, nor had the other party provided me with their documentation in spite of my providing them with everything I had...:angry2:. The voluntary Moot judges at law school are 10 times better than this DT referee - even if they ask mean questions.

The whole sordid saga will be relayed at some stage...too much essay writing as it is with exams...

ON the bright side, rang Star insurance, who are confident that it's not my fault in keeping with what their claims recovery man from Lumley thinks (who rides a Harley), and are happy to isure my VTR1000 for a very good price. Hooray for Star - if you want insurance from good sorts, look no further - always a pleasure to deal with in good or bad times.

Sorry for hijacking the thread with a vaguely relevant meandering tale of woe. I'd be f*cked had I crashed into the uninsured third party with no insurance of my own or 3rd party. I'd have NO BIKE now instead of my VTR.

As you were...:sweatdrop

11th November 2007, 10:04
SCREWED BY TRADEME and member greyp


11th November 2007, 23:06
i had serveral auctions up, two were selling old trailers and funds were going to local scout group, one was my old bike where i got screwed by an uninsured driver.

a bidder (greyp) bids buynow amount on a trailer. i realise buynow is probably too low, and want to get as much as i can for the scouts, so tell him i wont break rules and withdraw listing for him. i remove bid on request, but do not reinstate buynow. i had a topic on TM asking what others would do and they agreed with me, saying we both made mistakes.

10 minutes later, both trailer and bike auction are closed by trademe, along with that thread

he reports the bike listing for two things;
get a warning for giving details: i gave my phone number so people could view. trademe allows details in motor section, but apparently only in a particular way. sure i got people trying to make deals, but i stuck to the rules and even made comments saying i would let auction run and to stop asking for bits.
it is "listed in wrong category - there is no "wrecks" category, so i put it in parts/engines as that was all that was really valuable and undamaged. so god knows what happened there, but got it closed
and the bike auction had 40 watchers! (and that's after assuming 10 of them were friends)

the trailer is closed, because i offered to fill it with firewood for $50, which would not affect success fee at all. then 10 minutes later the auction opens, the bidder had his questions removed, the comment about firewoood removed, along with my comment linking to that thread, but left all my other comments which make me look like a retard answering questions that aren't there. thread is gone.

i try to contact TM about this, but it seems while they can instantly close auctions, it takes over a day to get an email response and i cannot simply reply to the email saying the auctions were closed. $1.99 a minute plus gst to call them, so flag that.

i've been royally screwed by the bidder, and trademe rules/attitude

and i know i'm assuming it was that greyp causing this, but the timing is too close for chance.


for the record, there was never any obligation to sell to that bidder as he never hit buynow. i was perfectly within the rules on that one.

my trailer auction had the firewood comment removed and that is fine. the bike auction was listed correctly in my opinion, and they only warned me about my phone number as it was clear i was not making any deals
would you buy a wrecked vehicle without viewing? i wouldn't, and by encouraging buyers i am effectivly increasing TMs success fee.
i've been caught out on the bike one by a quirk in the rules, in that you can give details in the motor section of trademe, but not in the listing itself.

by biggest issue is trademe's dealing with me. they had responded to the bidder's complaint in less than 10 minutes, yet i am still waiting for an email back. atleast if i was able to reply directly to the emails about my auctions being closed this would be easier, but no, i have to go through support.

12th November 2007, 02:44
TM are shockers... when I was selling my zx7r, they tried to imply that if selling it on trademe, I couldn't sell it elsewhere... I emailed back, only to get bounced. I left a feedback saying, if you want to complain, give me a way to contact you, otherwise, I'll pretend you never contacted me...

Bunch of morons :lol:

12th November 2007, 10:34
I have phone numbers for trademe that are not 0900 - so I just ring up and moan about things like this.

I've often thought about putting up and auction for trademe's phone numbers... teehee.

Wonder how long that would last :P

12th November 2007, 10:36
now for a bonus; i forgot to check the phone number box on one of my trailer auctions, and cannot edit now bidding had begun. so, in the comments i explained this, and then in another comment, said "viewing welcome, 02xxxxx"
sure enough comment removed. now while technically in breach of rules by the letter, does it really matter if it's an auction where i can legally have my number anyway? letter of law vs spirit of law (this is my big issue with TM and rules, especially when they wont enforce either on big-time sellers)

and they deleted my responses to a curious bidder asking why my thread had been deleted too - but still not removing the comments i asked to have removed - obviously they dont want me discussing it

so asking to get banned from tm right now

EDIT: they just removed my thread where TM community was having an active discussion, mostly against me also.

12th November 2007, 10:37
so i got fed up and called trademe at $1.99 per minute plus GST

honestly, the best phone service i've ever had. girl was helpful, put my phone number back up, explained that the bike listing needed to be as a bike regardless of condition, and said she was going to look into the mod who did all the editing of my auctions. she also removed the comments i wished removed. didn't however, have an answer for my threads on the message being removed.

all in all calling them was a good idea, as they still haven't emailed me back.

12th November 2007, 11:13
they're pretty good for phone service... come on though, lets tear it to bits and sell! :2thumbsup

12th November 2007, 18:42

new link

12th November 2007, 18:57
omg lets just pull it to bits ourselves and make more money that way, you can do it in my gargre if ya want :2thumbsup I lubs pulling bikes apart :whistle: