View Full Version : Custom manufacturer fits hi-tech security to all new bikes

24th October 2004, 01:07
Arlen Ness Motorcycles will fit all new bikes with DataDot security.

Each DataDot – developed by MicroID, is about the size of a grain of sand and is encrypted with a unique alphanumeric code via a micro-laser etch process. The DataDots are suspended in a specially formulated adhesive containing a UV trace and may be applied by either a unique spray or brush-on process.

"DataDot technology will allow Arlen Ness bike owners a new and unique layer of protection for their vehicle,” said Bill Biler, Motorcycle Sales Manager for Arlen Ness. “Being able to trace a stolen motorcycle – particularly those customized for our customers -- provides an added deterrent to theft particularly when police authorities have the ability to trace the vehicle, even when stripped for parts.”

Some of the larger manufacturers have been fitting similar security devices for a time now (Honda’s Smartwater, Yamaha’s Datatag and Suzuki’s Alphadot for example), but it is good to see more manufacturers following suit. No word has been given as to whether the DataDot system will give insurance discounts.