View Full Version : Mt Wellington Pocketbike Racing 24th Nov

14th November 2007, 20:38
Its on again folks. Saturday 24th November.

Mt Wellington Kart Track, Tainui Rd, off Morrin Rd.

$10 for all riders.
Sign on 8.30am.
Riding is available all day till around 4pm.
Kids ride separatley to adults.
All safety gear must be worn.

We share the track with other motorbikes, Pitbikes, Street Magics and Scooters, which are all welcome.
Spectators are free, but if you can help with flag marshalling thats even better.
Any questions please feel free to ask.

14th November 2007, 21:00
Hi, realy looking foward to this track day but I need to buy some saftey gear.

Can you get specialised pocket bike gear?

Ive been looking on trademe at knee guards, boots, gloves and jackets (allready got full face helmet). Do all motorbike jackets have elbow armour etc?

Or how much am I looking at for a full set of brand new gear? Where from?

Cant wait to track day!:Punk:

14th November 2007, 21:31
See if you can get a set of leathers off trademe for a reasonable price. These usually have armour in them, but no you dont have too have armour.
If you want to buy brand new thats up to you, but remember if you come off your brand new gear will be scratched.:crybaby:

You can ride with long sleeve top, gloves, long pants, shoes that cover the ankles and knee and elbow pads. MX ones are fine.

Make sure your footpegs are covered with plastic or something similar.
You cant have metal pegs, they will gouge the track if you fall off.

14th November 2007, 23:54
Thank you, my home-made footpegs have heater hose shrunk on to them.. So they shouldnt bugger the track when I come off :wacko:

What about Kart racing suits, any good?

I hope its not only kids racing, I'm 25!

15th November 2007, 06:52
I'm keen! I'll have to figure out a way of putting my pocketbike onto the packrack of my real bike. lol

I agree with dirty bomb, I hope there aren't too many kids. lol, I'm 20

15th November 2007, 11:31
You guys will be sweet I think you'll find alot of the guys are older then yourselfs lol... might even try for a day off work that weekend and come up..

17th November 2007, 20:57
If you wear a go kart suit you will also need knee and elbow protection.

Dont worry, you wont be the only adults riding.
You worry when the kids come flying past you on a Daytona!

If I hadn't had a crash on my road bike and buggered my knees, I would be out there too. I aint young! Neither is Gadgit! :2thumbsup

Sweet Gadgit, will be cool to see you and family up here again. Fake a sicky. :rolleyes:
We need someone to give 3MMan a challenge.

daytona 2
17th November 2007, 21:07
im only 13 and i shoot past people that are 40 it dosent matter wat age u are its all about the bike and rider.

18th November 2007, 17:08
im only 13 and i shoot past people that are 40 it dosent matter wat age u are its all about the bike and rider.

Yeah I reckon you do! :doh:

18th November 2007, 19:39
...Yes the power to weight ratio is favourable if you are 13 I imagine!

daytona 2
18th November 2007, 19:59
yup my daytona 2 pocket bike is more than fast enough but i want an up- grade because of the bad finish and brakes,pegs ect

19th November 2007, 20:01

Sounds like you are ready to upgrade.
Its pretty hard to get a minimoto that doesn't need repair at some stage.
I bought a new Chinese aircooled 4.2hp that was pretty quick.
It lasted 3.5 meetings and blew the piston. I knew someone else who bought the exact same bike, same dealer and it's still going strong.
Even the most expensive bikes need work after a while. just ask 3MMan.

We believe that motorbike racing is fun and so the fixing of the bikes is all part of being there and learning.

Hang in there mate. One day soon it could be you racing at Taupo Raceway or Manfield on an RS125cc race bike and all that hard work you put in today,
will see you get that chequered flag.

daytona 2
19th November 2007, 20:03
wat are polini's like?

20th November 2007, 19:07
Polini's are great lol... got the day off I'll be there.... howz those crash pads at the end of the straight Grandma hahahaha

21st November 2007, 14:52
Shit I hope I dont get outclassed being 78 kg on my daytona.

What is the majority of pocket bikes raced?

daytona 2
21st November 2007, 14:56
most are chinese watercooled and italian bikes not that many adults race daytona's.

22nd November 2007, 21:14
Polini's are great lol... got the day off I'll be there.... howz those crash pads at the end of the straight Grandma hahahaha

They got your name on them Gadgit. :banana:

22nd November 2007, 21:24
Most of the adults at Mt Welly have started on a daytona at some stage.

They are great for learning to ride on. Especially if you fall off often when you are first learning.

Besides, when you do fall off and break 'em, they dont cost too much to repair.

29th November 2007, 20:16
There's quite a mix really. Most riders have started with a Daytona and progressed up when they have learnt not to fall off so much.

They are a couple of them that fall off regardless of what they are riding.

:rolleyes: I have to put my hand up for that one!