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17th November 2007, 21:46
yeah i just want some help on wat to buy..
im keen on coming down to mt wellington for a blast..
ive had heaps of 50cc scooters, and gopeds, but im gonna try pocket bikes now.. bit of fun..
wats the go with all the trademe rubbish, i want to spend up to $500 as its just a whim for me at the moment..
drop me some trademe links of the decent ones please
air or watercooled? any info on wateva..
wat chinese bikes are the guys racing down there at the moment?
im 27 and bout 80kg i think!!

daytona 2
17th November 2007, 21:56
most of us racing modified daytona 2's off trade me and watercooled ones also denpends one how fast you want to go,but if you want better performace and build i would go for a watercooled that are a step up from a daytona ones. italian pocket bike are also popular but start at $2300 thats very expensive but u pay for wat u get

17th November 2007, 22:09
wat are they called on trademe?? cant find any daytona pb's
drop a link in for me to a couple ok ones
also wheres the best place to get HP parts? newmans?

daytona 2
18th November 2007, 08:26
the daytona ones are listed as air cooled pocket bikes and watercooled ones are listed as watercooled pocket bikes, try action number 115108458 its a realy well made chinese copy of a blata pocket bike.To get parts forv them you can either go on www.ddmracing.com or www.nzmmrc.co.nz and their are some links to places on that website.

18th November 2007, 09:32
Hey Diablo. Like you, I'm new to pocket bikes too. My bike arrived on Thursday. I spend a while stripping it apart, painting it and loctite everything on the bike. When for my first ride yesterday.

I went for this model :


I'm very happy with it. To be %100 percent honest. The build quality is utter shit. But for $450 bucks I can't complain to much. One piece of advice... If you choose this model you will probably have to rebuild the radiator cap. You'll see what I mean if you get it. No biggie.

I'm planning on going to mount wellington so I might see you there

daytona 2
18th November 2007, 09:53
the gp3 rep ones are much better build tho but they are $900 and are much better and have replicated the polini to every inch.

19th November 2007, 08:48
looking at one of these:
good buy? will it do me for mt wellington?
i just dont wanna get lapped lol
also do these have footpegs welded into the frame, how do i make them ok for track? garden hose over them?
can u run these at wide open throttle for extended periods of time?

daytona 2
19th November 2007, 16:03
those are very gud and are more than good enough for mt wellington and the foot pegs arnt welded.Also they can go full throttle for long enough considering they go 90km/h on a pocket bike is vey fast and at mt wellington you can only go that speed for about 30seconds and then ur out of track.