View Full Version : Where do you get parts?

21st November 2007, 12:00
Had little pocket bike for a while now but hasn't been going for almost a year due to the pull start gear wearing out (made of god dam plastic!)

Anyway have no idea what the model is but it originally had camel stickers all over it and is yellow.

Anyone know where to get parts for these suckers??


daytona 2
21st November 2007, 14:39
go on www.nzmmrc.co.nz and click on one of the links on the home page that will get you all the parts u need

1st December 2007, 11:41
Just replace the pullstarter claw with an alloy one or replace whole unit with a high quality alloy body unit, has alloy case and alloy starter claw, last for years.

3rd December 2007, 15:14
sounds like the way to go^^^^^^^