View Full Version : Pit bike muffler

27th November 2007, 14:47
Hey anyone got a four stroke pit bike muffler,

I just wondering trying to find one to fit onto my XL100 bucket racer

daytona 2
27th November 2007, 15:48
its kinda the wrong thread

27th November 2007, 17:07
Not really.

Most guys who would have one would come to this thread and probly not go to many other threads...

daytona 2
27th November 2007, 17:43
but most peole on here hav a 2 stroke bike

28th November 2007, 17:01
Hay Ivan
You could try here

Once on the home page go right to the bottom and there is a link " email us for your nearest dealer" It'll take you to Adrenalyn Motorcycles email they should be able to sort you out.