View Full Version : The bugs have been found!

1st December 2007, 11:35
I've had my pocket bike for a few weeks now.

I took it to the mount wellington race/trackday up in Auckland. It kicked ass!
Needless to say I've found a few bugs in the bike. I have most of them sorted out now. One slight problem I had was the rear tire (Chinese cheapie type) shat itself. I heard a few people at the track talking about PMT's and Sava's. My question is: Which tire should I replace my now bald, flat heap of rubber with?

Any help would be appreciated.


1st December 2007, 11:46
What brand was on your Chinese tyre?
Some are way better than others.

1st December 2007, 12:56
It was a Feng Yuan. Honestly, around most corners it was my knee keeping me upright not the tire.