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7th December 2007, 13:39
I found this at www.minimoto.co.nz

"We just spent ages building a very fast little B1 engine for someone who shall rename nameless, he only wants too remain nameless because he made a bit of a boo boo and ended up seizing it solid at edgecumbe because he grabbed the wrong fuel can Rolling Eyes

Anyway this little sucker can go, and is the fastest b1 i,ve ever seen
the key differances between the chinese 7hp motor and the blata engine are as follows and can be easily rectifyed

Piston, blata runs a flat top, chinese a dome piston.
so we filed top of chinese piston flat (which slightly advances port timing) and made up a new dome insert for head too bring compression back up.
After filing use some 800grit wet and dry tapes too a sheet of glass too dress out file marks, don,t bother on high compression it just won,t rev if u go any higher

Intake port, Blata allows for reeds too fully open, chinese intake port doesn,t.
So we split cases bare, bolted them back toegther and using a alloy file gentely contoured the reed vale passage too allow for a couple more mm of reed opening.

standard carb,standard reeds, shortenned header pipe 20mm, and away u go."

Has anyone done this is it easy enough to do? A bit better explanation would be cool

Cheers Aero

4th January 2008, 21:26
I have performed all this and more on my Blata Replica.

Which part do you need more clarification on?