View Full Version : Trouble beading my tyres.

13th December 2007, 13:42
I've just put some new sava's on my minimoto wheels. No one told me it would be a nightmare!:doh: But i'm having trouble beading them. Does anyone have any helpful hints?

13th December 2007, 13:44
You mean seating the bead?
Wrap a ratchet strap around the circumference of the tyre and tighten, should squeeze the bead into place then give it the air

White trash
13th December 2007, 14:20
put a tube in there. Simple. Then inflate it slowly while some one makes sure the wheel stays central.

13th December 2007, 14:36
put a tube in there. Simple. Then inflate it slowly while some one makes sure the wheel stays central.

In a tubeless tyre? keen.

13th December 2007, 15:16
Who the heck just greened me?
Not my favourite color but I guess its the thought that counts :niceone:

Mad Dog Racing
13th December 2007, 15:34
I run sava,s on the sidecar front wheel and heat them in real hot water use heaps of dish washing liquid and inflate with no valve ( gives ya the s&*$ts when they bed )

White trash
13th December 2007, 15:41
In a tubeless tyre? keen.
Why dat? They only do like 50 kph.

I'm assuming he's having a problem getting the tyre bead to actually get anywhere near the wheel rim. They're cunts of things when they've been sitting or squashed.

And I greened ya. Deal with it :D

13th December 2007, 16:35
I dunno what you call it. I'm trying to get the bead in the tyre to line up properly with the rim and seal etc etc.

13th December 2007, 16:37
Get that tube of KY out of your girl/boy friends bedside cabinet and rub it all around the rim them pump it up really high till it goes pop.........

I find it really helps if you roll your eyes as you increase the pressure......

Seriously about 50 psi should do it. :yes:

13th December 2007, 17:05
That sounds like it could work!:crazy:

13th December 2007, 19:20
Not a fun job aye Aero lol
I run plenty of dish wash and water on the beads and use a high flow air line my last set of savas needed 75psi to bead but the output is 150psi (high flow)..
If the tyres have been squashed under something and are not touching the beads when on then you need to sit them in hot water for a bit then wedge sometheing in between the beads for a few hours to keep them out once on the bead. I f you have to much trouble send 'em up and I'll get them on for ya.

3rd February 2008, 17:17
Still cant get em to bead :( I'll take them around to my mechanics tomorrow and see if he can

5th February 2008, 16:22
Even my Mechanic cant get them!!!

5th February 2008, 16:30
dude, how many 2wheel 'vehicles' have you got?! ;)
sounds like a job for Mr Insp. Gadgit then, if Chris can't even do 'em!!

5th February 2008, 19:27
Just the two. Yeah, PM sent to MR Gadgit! This whole thing is driving me crazy! I just wanna ride the stupid thing

5th February 2008, 20:23
Yeah my Savas were a bitch to get to bead, eventually took them to a tyre shop & we pumped about 100+psi into them.

pete van
5th February 2008, 21:43
Changing tyres drove me insane initially. Now I place 2 sawhorses close together(interlocking the legs), rest 1 side of the tyre on each. Then I press down heavily on the rim to force 1 side of the tyre on. I then turn wheel and tyre over, gently press down on the rim while pumping air in at max pressure and whamo up the tyre goes. Works every time with my Sava's

Mental Trousers
5th February 2008, 21:58
And I greened ya. Deal with it :D

He didn't like it when I green blinged him. Fuck that was funny.

Put a tube in it and inflate. Leave it in the sun for a day or 2 then take the tube out if it's such a worry.

6th February 2008, 09:34
For some stupid reason all I could think of when I saw the heading of this thread was someone having difficulty sewing little glass beads to the sidewalls to make them look pretty.

6th February 2008, 11:48
WOW! Thats a great idea!!!!! *runs to garage*

6th February 2008, 12:01
try the old ratchet tie down trick.Ive had a bit of luck with hot water on the kids bike tyres

6th February 2008, 21:09
Hay Aero I think peopel have the wrong idea here... let me put a bit of light on the subject... the tyres are pumping up on the rim but not beading at 100psi or not "poping"on the rim like it has a high spot in the bead...I have surgested the rim needs to be put into a lathe and spun up to find the high spot... Sava tyres are a tight fit on a billet alloy rim let alone a cast alloy rim compaired to a chineese tyre.

11th February 2008, 18:27
Thanks for all the help guys! I have sent the wheels down to xtreme minimoto. We'll see what happens:laugh: