View Full Version : Please help. Pocket bike has two problems

15th January 2008, 20:55
Hey i am new to this pocket bike racing i just got one and i live in wellington i have two problems!

my pocket bike is leaking fuel from the carbureter (dont know how to spell it)and it wont start i think that might be from that i have checked everythink there is no cracks i fixed the head gasket and some broken seals!
got a new black boot for it!

and also has a sudden loss a power after you do two laps at the race track!!

please help!!

thank you

16th January 2008, 11:45
Hey Mitchell,

Possible reason for fuel leaking from carb is that you floats may be stuck,
remove carb bowl and give a good clean out, might as well clean main jet while you're at it with compressed air. Keep everything real clean.
As for bike slowing, make sure you running a good synthetic oil, such as TTS, and in the right ratios (max 40:1), check spark plug for colour, ideal is a light tan. If it is white then it is running too lean, jet may be blocked.
Otherwise contact Greg, www.xminimoto.co.nz, who is your Wellington race organisor & he probably help.

16th January 2008, 16:02
thanks big al i will try that again
i called him a couple of days ago and he said the exact some thing about the things getting stuck i looked at it and it looks perfectly fine the spark plug is good is well we are running two stroke but none synthetic i think tht is what we got told i could be wrong i will check soon what it is but we get the oil from repco and super cheap!!

yer i bought my bike from greg but i have botherd him two much so i wont to leave him alone for a bit!!:)

Ray LeCheminant
29th September 2008, 20:17
Hi Mitchell, I just bought this bike off your dad - did you sort these issues in the end...