View Full Version : Ride: Sunday 20 Jan

19th January 2008, 17:00
I will be free for a ride from 1pm on Sunday (tomorrow) if anyone wants to join me. This ride WILL NOT BE LEARNER SUITABLE.

The plan is to break in the newly rebuilt KTM engine so I want to avoid long open road distances i.e. sitting at the same RPM, plus I'd like to stay close to Akl in case anything goes wrong mechanically. I am therefore thinking of Huia/Piha or Kaiaua... again.

Let me know if you're keen.

19th January 2008, 17:57
send me a txt if you got your balls about you - dont wanna make you feel small when i pass you on the 225!

19th January 2008, 20:46
Trust me Macstar, I have felt the scorpio's wrath.

19th January 2008, 20:51
Trust me Macstar, I have felt the scorpio's wrath.
were you lying down again?

19th January 2008, 21:34
Raj got a Scorpio? or is that just a carry on from the Raj wheelie video?!! A tropical storm is supposed to hit NZ tonight so I think tomorrow's weather is going to be crap.

Stay tuned...