View Full Version : 1/4 mile drag day at ruapuna (06/02/08)

22nd January 2008, 11:38
just letting everyone know that there is the 1/4 mile drags out at rapuna on the 6th of feb (waitangi day).
anyone keen let me know and i will post up more details

24th January 2008, 07:55
hey everyone.
have just spoken with dennis at PBDC and got the details for the drags on
waitangi day.


$12 - for gate entry
$45 - to put the bike on the track.

$57 - total for the day.

Bikes and gear

Bikes - bikes have to be road legal (that includes current rego and WOF)
Gear - Have to have full leathers(wether it be one piece or two piece, that zip together), helmet, gloves.


8.00am - gates open
8.30am to (closes 10.30am) - scrutineering (checkin over of bikes and gear)
11am - Practice and qualifing starts
1.00pm (approx) - racing starts.

anything else anyone wants to know, let me know.

hope to see some of you guys and girls out there :)

The Lone Rider
30th January 2008, 12:18
to bad im hard core and don't have full leathers or I might give those harley's a run for their money.

I'll show up though. Not like I've had fucking much else to do the last 3 weeks.

30th January 2008, 12:41
that is a shame, would have been fun to watch. will be good to see you out there.
yeah, i don't have much to do now either, seen i lost my job

5th February 2008, 20:27
i will only be a sectator tommorow at the drags, due to someone putting my bike out of commision, by putting oil into my brake lines

The Lone Rider
11th February 2008, 11:22
Sorry I didn't show up

Its been a hectic time, having broken up with my ex stripper girl friend and all.

And I was doing something on Wednesday but i'll be damned if I can rememebr what it was.

Yes, oil in your brake lines. I wonder what bike shop did that!!