View Full Version : stuck in gear

22nd January 2008, 18:38
Hi a mate owns a 1996 1200 Sporty and she's stuck in 5th gear.Any ideas be for I pull it to bits?

F5 Dave
23rd January 2008, 16:30
Fan the clutch a lot?

24th January 2008, 19:27
tryed that want work i think somthings broken

24th January 2008, 19:33
go get a doz you got a busy evening pulling her apart,be interesting to see what it is.
i'm guessing a bent selector fork and a stuffed dog pawl,
stuffed pawl causing fork to bend and jam.
just a guess.

24th January 2008, 19:36
Fan the clutch a lot?

Hehe yes. In fact, with a Harley torque curve, the fact it's stuck in top gear doesn't seem a terrible disadvantage :)

24th January 2008, 19:40
I did an old iron sportster gearbox the other day, they are good to work on, coz when you pull off the trap door the compleat gear clusters and camplate come out atached to the trap door, the 96 sporty is probley simmler.

26th January 2008, 06:37
thanks for the info i'll let you no how it goes