View Full Version : Ride this arvo/evening? (24 January)

24th January 2008, 15:17
Anyone keen for a blat around when it gets cool? After dinner or something like 7 or 8? Meet at Uni and go from there, not sure where but yeah nothing too big just a relaxing night :)

Let me know!

021 152 3159

24th January 2008, 15:36
hey man, im keen so should everyone else its a mint as nyt. ??

24th January 2008, 15:40
Yeah hardout once people get home from work etc they should all post up! Even if we just ride to the pub for a beer huh!

Just checking everyone noticed the beer factor in that last sentence :2thumbsup

What time do you reckon it gets dark? About 9? Even meeting just before 8 would give us an hour ride in light!

24th January 2008, 16:28
C'mon ppl!!! Planning to meet after 7:30 leave at 8 ride to mission bay for those twisties. Who's keen!

25th January 2008, 05:55
Yeah now people are realising how awesome mission bay is lol We should have an auckland city road race...would be awesome! *one can dream*