View Full Version : 2004 New Zealand Motorcycle Awards Finalists announced

23rd November 2004, 01:06
The names of the finalists in this years NZ Motorcycle Awards, being held at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland on November 27 are as follows:

The 2004 Service to Motorcycling
Neil Ritchie; Ken McIntosh; Errol McCabe; Mike McLeod

ACC ThinkSafe Safety and Training Award
Brian Bernard; BRONZ Club

The 2004 Classic Motorcycling Awards
One finalist the winner will be announced on the night

Ivan Mauger Speedway Award
One finalist the winner will be announced on the night

Club of the Year
NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Register, Southland Motorcycle Club,
Taranaki International Motorsport Club Inc

Promising Newcomer (Off-road)
Kirk Bezzant; Cody Cooper; Scott Columb

Promising Newcomer (Road)
Hayden Fitzgerald; Ross King; Jay Lawrence

Rider of the Year (Off-Road)
Josh Coppins; Stefan Merriman; Ben Townley

Rider of the Year (Road)
Bruce Anstey; Brian Bernard; Andrew Stroud

Bike of the Year
Honda CRF 250X;Triumph Rocket III; BMW R12OOGS; Suzuki RMZ250

The Inductee to New Zealand's Motorcycling Hall of Fame
The latest inductee will be named on the night

Holy Roller
23rd November 2004, 04:37
Its good to see Stroud in the hunt this year.
My vote is for him one great guy.

23rd November 2004, 07:58
Big shame KiwiBiker isn't a "club" -- we could have got ourselves nominated and cleaned up an award...

23rd November 2004, 08:23
Big shame KiwiBiker isn't a "club"

Perhaps it should be.

23rd November 2004, 08:38
What a start to the week. My partners cage packs it in for the last time (she managed to cross town and coast up our street with NO clutch), i thought that was a bummer.

Then, i find out i missed out on Road Rider of the Year, and my Bike isn't nominated for Bike of the Year? You gotta be fricken joking. I taught that Stroud fella everything he knows. And that Anstey joker was a bit of a no hoper till i pointed out the flaws in his style. :sick:

What'll it be next? George Bush not nominated for President of the Year? Get real.... :yeah: