View Full Version : Get one: Forcefield Back Protector

21st February 2008, 07:45
Hey team

After months of mucking around wondering which back protector to buy, I finally got one:



They are one of the few back protectors to achieve an Euro standard safety level of 2!! Not sure what the test involves, but that is unique and spose to mean they're pretty awesome.

Anyway, if you're in the market for one, Colemans have them for $280 (I bargained them down to $250).

Rip the one out of your jacket and wear one of these!

21st February 2008, 13:33
looks good - even looks comfortable - will have a squizz next time I get the chance.

How does it prevent hyper extension of one's back? Saw nothing on the wesite about that in my brief look.

21st February 2008, 13:37
I went and tried one on today, they are very comfortable considering, i am definitely looking into getting one.

I have been looking around ebay and such to see if i can get one cheaper and have found that the Joe Rocket Speedmaster is the same as the forcefield. Only downside is they dont seem to do a medium.

21st February 2008, 13:42
Yeah comfy - but unfort do not stop the hyper extension. I gave up trying to find a back protector that can do that for less than $4-500...:mellow:

22nd February 2008, 07:04
so you can still bend them backwards?

only ones i have found that stop that have sold out and been discontinued, and their replacement does bend backwards.