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6th March 2008, 18:49
Well, just fell off and while sliding/peeling off skin on the tarmac:headbang: I had a ponder; Am I sitting correctly on the bike?

I read that on a full size bike, you shouldnt have any body weight pushing down on the handle bars.

Is this true? and would it apply on a pocket bike?

What is the correct seating position on a pocket bike?


6th March 2008, 18:58
Too cool for gear?

6th March 2008, 18:59
More than likely your front tyre let go than a problem with weight distribution.

Are you running Chinkas? if so invest in some Savas or Pmts before you loose too much skin:yes:

On higher powered pocket bikes you have to have wt on the front to stop it lifting esp out of corners. Big bike rules don't apply as center of gravity is completely different.

Also make sure you're wearing protective clothing and you shouldn't loose skin anyway.


7th March 2008, 07:51
Ok, so the rules of thumb are different (apart from saftey gear).

I was wearing my helmet, and after the bike stalling and not running right I thought I would be going for a short ride.

Thing is, I got it running mint, I got carried away and didnt go back for the knee/elbow pads etc which i should have.

So Im not too cool (well nearly) for saftey gear, as every other time I wear it.

The other thing as I was running different 'chingers' (wet weather) which seem to have quite a hard compound compared to my slicks+coupled with tyre pressure probably being too high.

Also, new frame, brakes, carb etc etc

Any rules of thumb for tyre pressure on pocket bikes?

daytona 2
7th March 2008, 15:23
when u go around a corner you should lean ur ass half on the seat and sretch ur knee out and try get ur knee on the ground and have ur other leg leaning out also :niceone: hae it a pitty about the last race day...and how it rained on both day:mad::mad::mad: do you still ride your bike at turner car auctions?

8th March 2008, 19:02
Yeah I still ride round there, makes a good little test track 30sec from my house!

daytona 2
8th March 2008, 19:52
id like to take my bike around it:clap:

10th March 2008, 15:59
I found out the hard way that the "big bike" rules don't really apply to little bikes. Little bike + wheel coming up off the ground + power band + no safety pads on = very sore for 2 weeks. Tar seal is like a cheese grater on your flesh.

Hope you heal up alright

11th March 2008, 20:23
Yeah I'm healing up allrite, the missus is doing her final year training as a nurse.. So no need for expensive a&e!

11th March 2008, 20:31
Mate, I am truly amazed by your story. I wasn't sure if you were being serious. I can see you are and I wish you the very best in getting fixed up.