View Full Version : Help! Mini chopper in need of repair.

13th March 2008, 13:13
Hey All,

I have an 80cc chopper with a bung rear wheel, needs respoking. The fella at Custom Mini Bikes in East Tamaki was unhelpful - seemed as though he just couldn't be bothered and was more interested in selling me another chopper than helping with my problem.

Can anyone refer me to an outfit that does re-spoking in Auckland? I've had a good hunt around online and have come up with nought! There must be a place that does regular road bikes and can help me if I'm willing to pay the price..



13th March 2008, 14:01
Ring cycletreads (0800-TREADS) on the shore, if they can't help they'll probably know someone that can

13th March 2008, 14:11
i will buy it off you for cheap if you like....

13th March 2008, 15:54

Sell it and buy a pocketbike:Pokey:



13th March 2008, 16:43
i will buy it off you for cheap if you like....

I'll keep that in mind mate, will post back in this thread once I've checked out the two contacts that peep's have pointed me towards. Cheers!


22nd March 2008, 21:04
Need a bit more information, I use the 12 inch rear drum brake rims they are a mag wheel, using the 130/60/10 tyres. Many Mini Choppers use those ones.
Spoked wheels are rubbish unless you make sure within the first hour of riding that you check and tighten every single spoke otherwise the wheel spokes loosen and can shred the rims. You can replace the front and rear or order in the originals if you want to stay with spokes. Honestly, anything that uses tubes to keep a tyre up is crap. How many good bikes come out with spoked rims...maybe a few Harleys...say no more... spoked rims are crap, sell your Mini Chopper and buy a Suzuki Cavalcade like me..mewahahahah.. its the only bike that if you hit a car, the car drivers will die and you will ride off into the sunset.

9th June 2008, 18:58
If you have the spokes I could do it for you. I've made up a few wheels on my own race bikes and done a few street bikes for others. If you haven't got and can't get spokes then that makes it a bit harder. You need a special thread roller and it's a bit of mucking round finding spokes to cut down and thread. You have to consider angles at the hub end and what gauge and you need nipples that fit the rim.