View Full Version : FEMA to develop “model for rider training”

3rd December 2004, 23:48
FEMA and the FIM have been asked to help develop a Europe-wide model for rider training.

As things stand, the existing training across the EU’s member states ranges from virtually non-existent to the extensive and very expensive. It is also felt that the existing national arrangements often fail the trainee rider through concentrating on machine control skills and overlooking crucial areas such as rider attitude and behaviour and hazard awareness and avoidance.

Bob Tomlins, who moved from the BMF to FEMA, has been appointed to oversee the task "This really is an exciting development which has the potential to significantly reduce the number of accidents involving powered two-wheels riders in Europe. Riders often confuse good machine control skills with safe riding. The project will focus on the needs of training programmes to recognise the importance of attitude and behaviour, and hazard awareness and avoidance practice.”