View Full Version : Calibration of Digital Speedometers...

19th March 2008, 17:38
is it possible??

19th March 2008, 17:47
There'll be a way, just like you get speedo healers for bikes when you alter the gearing

Might pay to check your gearing hasnt changed from stock, as though the fxr's stock is pretty far out, yours seemed alot out

I dont think theres a speedo healer out there specifically for yours, but you could make one if you're real keen and like researching and making circuit boards

19th March 2008, 17:49
lol hm.. dnt think id have the time but sweet

19th March 2008, 17:53
lol hm.. dnt think id have the time but sweet

yer, easiest would be to just follow someone else and work out what 30 (should be accurate at that), 50, 70 and 100k's is roughly, then you'll know how far out 100 is

19th March 2008, 17:54
Of course.

Hack the planet!

20th March 2008, 09:03
Jaycar do a kit - I think it's for digital?


It is do-able, and there are ways of doing it - I think it's been discussed on KB before - have a search...

21st March 2008, 01:11
could just buy a whole 'nother speedo and stick it on