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21st March 2008, 17:03
Next race meet for minimoto's at Mt Wgtn Kart Track is on the 5th April.
Pitbikes are also allowed.

Sign on is 8.30am. $20 adults $10 for kids under 16. Family rates, apply
on the day. Spectators, free.

Racing is all day till around 4pm.

Make sure you have all the usual safety gear,
Full face helmet/Mx helmets require goggles as well.
Knee/Elbow pads
Shoes that cover the ankle

Make sure your bike has both footpegs covered, no bare metal.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

21st March 2008, 17:22
Oh cool! I thought this was on the 4th. There is a MotoTT trackday here at Taupo that I'll be attending. Will try and make it!

21st March 2008, 19:40
What do i need to do to make my bike safe for the track eg; footpegs, sidestands ect.

daytona 2
21st March 2008, 20:24
how old u and what kinda of bike do have????

22nd March 2008, 09:18
how old u and what kinda of bike do have????
its one of the new chinese aircooled bikes of trademe.:2thumbsup
i've just turned thirteen.

25th March 2008, 08:06
What do i need to do to make my bike safe for the track eg; footpegs, sidestands ect.

All foot pegs covered and side stands removed and bike should be fine for track.

Basically no metal that can contact track in the event of a crash.

Hope this helps.

daytona 2
25th March 2008, 09:27
great im also 13 see you there:soon:

25th March 2008, 10:41
See You there.

daytona 2
25th March 2008, 12:42
if i was you brown13 i would go to para rubber and buy some rubber foot pegs.....there realy strong and are cheap

25th March 2008, 18:12
I will try as i wrecked mine riding in a carpark today.

daytona 2
25th March 2008, 18:55
dammmmmmmmm:shit: wat kind of damage did you do to it??

26th March 2008, 06:42
dammmmmmmmm:shit: wat kind of damage did you do to it??

I scraped the bottom of the peg of completely. I was expecting it to be there going round a corner... First crash!

daytona 2
26th March 2008, 15:26
thats not too major get ready for another everyone crashes at mt wellys horse shoe corner.........:devil2:

26th March 2008, 15:39
It looked pretty harsh when i went down to have a look the other night. yeah im sure ill come of soon enough.

daytona 2
26th March 2008, 17:04
daytona looks nice though:first:

26th March 2008, 17:16
not as nice as yours though
but i bet mine was a whole lot cheaper

daytona 2
26th March 2008, 17:35
it started of my ur bike...:Punk: but if you compare my $2800 polini to a daytona that is around $200 you can see nobody starts off on a euro bike,my bike isnt the most expensive minimto around.....try $6000 for a gp3......:love: the presedent on the minimoto club has 2........:shit:

26th March 2008, 18:18
You can get a second hand 1000cc bike for 6000. or a new 250.
How much difference is there between riding a polini and daytona?

daytona 2
26th March 2008, 18:27
it like comparing a toyota to a ferriari............no offence my polini is the base model and it has around 5 horse power and a daytona has 2.5 horse power polini's have realy nice tires and the whole bikes frame is aluminium so it cannt rust plus the are made in italy and never break down:yes: ill be bringing my daytona and my polini so you can have a sit on the polini and give it a good rev:first: ive got some spare stuff you can put on ur daytona to boost up the power aswell:yes:

27th March 2008, 06:44
thanks that would be cool :cool:
the polini website has pics of the gp5. thats a good looking bike.

daytona 2
27th March 2008, 06:48
year it awsome it like $7000 though.........polini are not always expensive i got my old one for $800 which was a realy gud deal...

27th March 2008, 18:26
$800, good deal.
Just found out rugbys starting on the 5th so might be late.:doh:
would an air filter wrok on my bike?

daytona 2
27th March 2008, 19:04
damm rugby starts on the 5th:doh: i might just miss that game.........:oi-grr:yes an air filter would work on your bike as it has an air box already...on trade me they have lots of after market ones that give ur bike a slight increase of power.........i have a spare after market air filter that i took of my daytona and replaced with a foam one {like a pitt bike one}that you could have

28th March 2008, 16:23
Ive just ordered one from newmanz, but thanks for the offer.
rugby should be over by 1 though, cause its only a friendly.

5th April 2008, 14:37
Had heaps of fun, and didnt fall of, though i ran off the track once or twice.
How often do they race? are there any other places to race in auckland?

5th April 2008, 19:03
Yeah it was a good day eh? Pity Max wasn't allowed out to play:sunny:

Rounds are listed on http://www.mwkc.org.nz/index.cfm/Race_Calendar

and same weekend as buckets so next one will be May17th.

catch you then.

daytona 2
6th April 2008, 16:34
damm i was at mt ruapahu:crybaby: you going to the big t in the holidays bigal???

6th April 2008, 19:37
Yeah I plan to Max, big activity around here at the moment though with the V8s, it's gonna go off!

daytona 2
6th April 2008, 19:54
you taking ur bike to the v8's?????

7th April 2008, 18:51
Sorry I couldn't make it guys!

Track day followed by lots of beer with my mates didn't really make me feel like traveling to Auckland.

Catch ya at the next meet.:bleh: