View Full Version : Bike dealer calls for CBT to form part of car test

8th December 2004, 01:00
Peter Dean, of Williams Motorcycles, has written to UK Transport Secretary Alistair Darling calling for the introduction of Compulsory Basic Training into driving tests for car drivers.

He says: " We believe that when car drivers apply the defensive driving techniques they have mastered while learning to ride a motorbike, coupled with the enhanced sense of vulnerability you experience on a bike, it makes them safer road users than car only drivers."

We have masses of anecdotal evidence that car drivers who subsequently learn to ride a motorbike, become much more observant, knowledgeable and hence safer drivers. We strongly believe that by introducing the CBT into the general driving tests the roads would be a much safer place for all road users."

(Note: before being allowed on the road in the UK, you have to obtain a certificate of basic training - or CBT for short. This shows that you have reached a minimum level of competency, including slow machine control and have completed an observed ride of at least two hours (if memory serves correctly)