View Full Version : Hornet gets USD forks as standard

8th December 2004, 04:04
Honda used the Bologna Motor Show to unveil the latest version of the Hornet 600. The Hornet becomes the first in its class to wear upside-down forks. They are adjustable for preload.

It also features a new sportier front hugger and sportsbike clocks with a digital speed readout. Apparantly the engine is almost unchanged.

Full specifications (in Italian) and pictures have been posted on the Honda Italia website:

http://www.hondaitalia.com/moto/default.html - look for the Hornet 600 under 'Novita 2005' . The colour schemes are all displayed under 'scelta cromatica'.

8th December 2004, 10:06
I am liking very much! I want!
Good they've put a tidy little flyscreen on there too.

8th December 2004, 11:37
Looks like it would have a nasty sting to it - especially in that crazy colour!

Not sure if I like the speedo/dash display though?

et al
8th December 2004, 12:27
Very nice - looks like Honda are styling up a bit, maybe to compete with the naked Kawasakis? I have just taken delivery of a 900 Hornet so will be interested to see if Honda do same with the big one. By the way if anyone is interested in getting a 900 Hornet: now is a good time to go for it because Honda are specialing them at $10,995 which is a bargain I reckon. Sawyers in Wellington did a great job in getting me a blue one, I have only ridden it once so far (Sawyers to Home) so have not got to know it properly yet however it does look nice in my garage. Have just collected a Givi screen - might not fit that straight away so that I can tell what benefit I get out of it (hopefully will not spoil the naked look too much).

18th December 2004, 22:04
Very rare to see anything other than a Blue 900 in the U.k. et al,actually rare to see one at all,never been very popular(you can get them cheaper than 600s in a lot of places).Dont know why as I`ve ridden one and they`re nice enough,honestly prefer my Fazer though,reckon Honda took too much "edge" off the Blade motor.600 Hornet was way overdue for an up-date and now the new Fazer`s being sold at discount and finally catching on I doubt they`ve done enough to challenge Yamaha.Dont think N.Z. got the old 600 Fazer,your loss because it`s a great bike and more practical than the Hornet,centre-stand,much better fuel consumption/capacity,unfortunately also bastard ugly as a look at my avatar will confirm.New one however,particularly the naked one,is very nice.