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26th March 2008, 21:09
Hi everyone, Im thinking get a minimoto for weekend fun. There are many minimoto on TradeMe, but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone give me some advise? Thanks in advance.:yes:

27th March 2008, 09:46
Hi Erix,

99% of minimoto/pocket bikes on TM are chinese so we'll talk about those.

Most people start with an air cooled model mainly because they are the cheapest at around $250. These are usually advertised as 49cc have about 3.5 hp and do around 60kph. Things to watch for are engine mounts,exhaust mounts and muffler break after a short time due to vibration but easy to weld up. Foot pegs get loose but you can replace them with nylon ones which are track friendly.
Common model is the Daytona 1,2 or 3.

These are a good starter into the sport but if you think you may want to race then a water cooled bike is the way to go imho. Prices have dropped considerably and you are looking at around $450 for a 39cc, 7hp, 90kph bike. Common model is the B1 or B2, there are 50cc water cooled but they are dearer. On these models brakes need sorting to get working properly and the gearing usually needs to be changed. They are generally pretty reliable but you do get what you pay for. Good side is parts are cheap.

Have a look at www.nzmmrc.co.nz for heaps of info and as you are in Auck come down to Mt Wellington Kart track on April the 5th where there will be a meeting.

Hope this helps.:apint:

27th March 2008, 10:08
Also, the colour is very important.
Earth tones are hot this season as we move in to autumn, but remember to spice things up with a dash of tropical oranges and citrus notes

27th March 2008, 10:15
I got a cheap minimoto on trademe off a guy that raced. Since he had raced it, it looked a bit ratty but it had been done up well. Cheap parts were replaced with nicer ones that don't break so often and it performed well. Came with a tonne of parts, including a whole bike minus a top end.

Second hand isn't so bad if the last owner took care of it. Got the whole lot for $270 too. Only problems so far has been the clutch overheating so you had to run and hop on to get it moving and the pull start rope breaking. Bike cooled down and the rope isn't an expensive part so all good.

daytona 2
27th March 2008, 15:28
:Oi:daytona are 2.5hp and go 45kmh bretts fully moded daytona only goes 63kph

27th March 2008, 15:51
Figures were indicative only and it depends where you measure the hp from.;)
Also the speed is highly dependent on body wt, Max.

daytona 2
27th March 2008, 17:18
that alright:banana:

28th April 2008, 21:21
Yeah, Max weighs like 0.5kg. Someone should put him on John's open class bike :first:

28th April 2008, 22:52
Hi guys
got a Daytona mod motor on way which will make brett's engine look slow, this baby should stay with std B1 or quicker. it's a one off which no one will be able to reproduce without spending BIG $$$$$

29th April 2008, 10:00
Oooh! I'd like to see this!:Pokey: