View Full Version : UK: Bikes allowed in new M1 ‘High Occupancy’ lanes

15th December 2004, 01:08
New lanes on Britain's motorways designated High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (HOV), will be reserved for cars with more than one occupant - and motorcycles, even when ridden solo.

The HOV lane scheme is being tried out on the M1 between St Albans, Herts and Luton, Beds (Junctions 7-10) from Autumn next year. If the trial is successful it will be extended as far as Junction 13 (Milton Keynes South).

15th December 2004, 17:04
alot of solo bikes are at 100% occupancy so therefore they should be allowed in High Occupancy Lanes! even cars with a few passengers are not at this level, and bikes at worst are at 50% when the remuera tractors with seven seats cart around maybe one or two!?