View Full Version : Next race meet at Mt Welly?

29th April 2008, 11:13
When is the next race meet at Mt Welly?


29th April 2008, 12:40
I *THINK* It's the 17th May. Correct me if I'm wrong.

How's your bike going D-bomb?

daytona 2
29th April 2008, 19:03
yup saturday 17th may :wari: hae dirtybomb you and brett need to have a race with your two heavly modded daytona's :clap:

29th April 2008, 20:59
Orange reckons he has a proddy that'll blow Brett's outa the water:eek: Can't wait to see that! I wonder if it'll fly?:bleh:

30th April 2008, 10:33
Well, I buggered my piston, making a nice big scratch on the cylinder wall.

Ive rebuilt the engine since, and its running well. However, I'm not getting too confident with the luck I've been having at recent meets!

Biggest problem is my rear tyre is not round, its eliptical like pluto's orbit.

Cant afford to get decent euro tyres yet unfortunatly, but if anyone has some old ones lying around.....

30th April 2008, 10:59
You should get the good quality chinka tires! The a few people I know race with them and they do well.

30th April 2008, 15:37
Yeah, the riding dynamics must be super too!

daytona 2
30th April 2008, 17:59
you need to get a euro dirtybomb!!! that bike of your has caused you enough trouble:crybaby: have a few races on my polini and see how the euro's drive....

1st May 2008, 12:29
Chinka and Euro tires are like night and day! I loooooooove my Sava's!

1st May 2008, 19:58
Yeah I'd like a Euro bike, but I have RC Aircraft to pay for as well:)

daytona 2
1st May 2008, 20:53
jonh's selling a realy nice 4.2 GRC for $1500:yes:

1st May 2008, 20:55
jonh's selling a realy nice 4.2 GRC for $1500:yes:

Is that the bike he races in senior 14?

daytona 2
1st May 2008, 21:11

daytona 2
10th May 2008, 19:21
only a week until i can unleash my 5HP monster:crazy: lol but seriouly i cant wait to race at mt wellinton because i havnt even raced there on my new polini.....hope it's nice weather.....it better be!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

11th May 2008, 10:22
Or else what Max? *Shakes fist* :P

daytona 2
11th May 2008, 16:28
or ill buy an ambrella!! :2thumbsup :wari::wari::wari::wari::wari:

13th May 2008, 20:19
Weather looks good for both days so you won't fall off, Max.:cool:

daytona 2
13th May 2008, 20:44
what do you mean both days?

13th May 2008, 21:09
Sat & Sun!
Sat-Mt Welly, Sun-Taum

14th May 2008, 22:56
I'll be at Taum! I assumed it was a non-points round so I wasn't going to come. Good thing I checked!

17th May 2008, 20:56
Hey Ellen (Shelracing),

How's that shoulder after your off today? Looked pretty painful.

Hope that you'll be back on your bike for next month.

Here's to a fast recovery.


20th May 2008, 14:31
Thanks BIG AL,

Shoulder is pretty buggered for about 2 months apparantly. :crybaby:

Looks like I will be relegated to photo taking and laughing at your guys antics.

20th May 2008, 14:51
2 months, bugger! Well at least it is Winter.

Was the shoulder dislocated or broken E?

I noticed your chain had come off the pinion and wrapped itself around the rear wheel and it had to happen at the fastest part of the track.

Are your leathers knackered? I don't know what would be worst injury or having your leathers cut off!