View Full Version : Trials riding area(s) around Welly?

14th May 2008, 11:45

I know there's a sticky in the off road forum re riding areas, but I'm hoping the trials riders here might know of some handy areas easily accessible from the city i.e. closer than Porirua or the Hutt. I'm looking for places that I can go to on the way home - I work in the city centre and live around Miramar.
Long Gully is obviously a possibility, but $20 to potter around for an hour is a bit steep.
Any suggestions appreciated.



F5 Dave
28th May 2008, 13:22
Are you in Ixion (I'm not these days) maybe they have a better handle. Really there are smeg all places & less than just 5yrs ago, used to be some awesome places in Whitby past Greers house & st Pats, but that's all hard now.

Other side of Mungas & a small place I sneak into in Silverstream is all I know about, but that would mean sunday trip.

29th May 2008, 13:30
Thanks for the reply.
Hadn't heard of Ixion before, I'll give them a go.
Re "less than just 5yrs ago"... timing is everything and mine stinks! ;) - the second time I headed for Red Rocks the Police were there telling everyone it was becoming a road :(

F5 Dave
29th May 2008, 14:45

Generally a good bunch, I just didn't like the organised competition, I prefer to just tool around.

Give us a yell before the 15th, may head up to an area on the sunday (busy next 2 weekends with other bikes).

31st May 2008, 13:39
Cool. Will PM you the week before

10th January 2009, 17:00
also keen on if anyone knows, don't wanna go hard nuts or racing anyone but yea. cheers in advance i guess.