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23rd May 2008, 12:24
Hey there,

bike: 1992 kawasaki 250cc balius

The problem i have with my bike is a clicking sound, only in first gear. seems to be coming from the gearbox. Have been reading through some old threads and it sounds like first gear is missing a tooth? could that be a possible problem?

It happened shortly after the chain came of the bike i think by the previous rider, and i have next to no knowledge of gear boxes!

cheers all

23rd May 2008, 12:38
I don't know shit all about gearboxes either. If the chain came off it might pay to check that the chain guides/sliders are still in place. It might not be a first gear thing but rather a slow speed thing. Good luck

23rd May 2008, 13:29
A really nasty chain in dire need of lube or being chucked in the bin can click, especially combined with toasted sprockets. Or the rear axle being misaligned, so the chain is coming off the chain on an angle. It could be happening just in first gear because that's when you're going slow enough to hear it.

23rd May 2008, 13:31
Front sprocket

23rd May 2008, 13:39
I'll plump for chain needing lubed...

23rd May 2008, 13:59
yep chain, n sprockets brother.
Go buy some new ones and a scottoiler
If only i practice what i preach....

23rd May 2008, 14:00
hey all,

didnt know there would be such a speedy response! chain and sprockets arent that old and the chain has just been cleaned and lubed up. It is quite loud so im 100% certain that it is only in first gear which is why i thought it was a gear box problem?

any more thoughts given the above information?

31st May 2008, 21:52
Well I would say that's your problem solving.

If it does it at low speed = chain / sprocket problem
If it does it ONLY in 1st gear = gearbox

If its the second, the only way you could investigate further/repair it is to split the crankcase and have a look at which point you want to be VERY sure it is in 1st gear only, and weigh up the cost/benifit of pursuing it.

21st June 2008, 10:17
You'd better start working overtime at Pak'n Save mate... gears aren't cheap from what I've been told...

21st June 2008, 11:33
It could be the one way clutch slipping to avoid ground flips in first gear on such a powerfull machine. (PT)