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23rd May 2008, 22:47
Hi Guys
I searched thru the theads but I couldnt see anything.
I did read the "what to look for when buying a pocketbike"

I am interested in having a go at racing with my 8 year old son.
We both ride trail bikes at Woodhill forest but would like to have a go on the pocket bikes.

Just been looking on trademe for a pocket bike and checking out the websites


Whats the difference between the Daytona 1,2,3's and how do I tell when trying to buy a bike?

Are there any ex race bikes out there?
Or are we better just buying an new one?

I thought we would buy one bike first and have a go
Then buy another one if it works out.

What work do you have to do to keep them going?
(worked on 2 stroke MX bikes before so should be simular)

Thanks for your help


daytona 2
24th May 2008, 09:05
hi the difference between a daytona 1,2,3 is that the all have different frames but they all have the same engines, the best one is the daytona 3 but it comes with an expensive price tag and its not realy worth it.....the daytona 2 is rather average and handles alright and is a good beginner bike....that what almost everyone started on.....the daytona 1 is realy my favourite because it handles well and has a realy light frame..and yes theres lots of ex-race bike out there and most of them have either customized or have aftermarket parts on them to make them more reliable..id say its better to buy an ex race bike if you dont want to have to work on a new one to get it going

the choice you have to make though is if you want to buy european or chinese..european bikes are much more expensive but they are faster, handle better, last longer and dont break down you can get them for around $1500 second hand.

chinese bikes can be fast and handle alright and are very cheap..but they do give you endless trouble....

in the end it your choice.hope this helps

24th May 2008, 16:45
thanks Daytona 2

Whats the best way to come accross a ex race bike as I dont see them advertized on tradme.

we were going to come along to the meeting at Mt wellington on the 19th june

Do people sell bikes there ?
or is there a better way


24th May 2008, 17:53
Hi Grantman,

I have a Daytona 2 that I'm wanting to sell, bought 2 of them in 2006 and raced 1 in National series, moved to water cooled now. The bike I'm selling is the 2nd (spare) and has only been on the track a couple of times, my kids have ridden it mostly.
Also have most of the 2nd bike to go with it for parts. It is all set up for the track and I'll bring it along to Mt Wellington on the 14th, no obligation and you can take it for a ride, they are lots of fun.


24th May 2008, 17:54
Hi Grant
No one sells new ones at the track but you may come across the odd race ready one there...
Best bike to go for would be a daytona 2 it's the most common and easist to get parts for... most of us in the club started out on one...
Link on TM http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/Motorbikes/Motorbikes/Pocket-pit-bikes/auction-155789492.htm

Any bike like this would sute the purpose but the side stand will need knocking off for track protection...

When you get a bike heres a few surgestions
Replace major or comonly removed bolts and nuts with new ones as the china made bolts are a bit well... cheap.
these bikes vibrate a bit so locktite is a must
The standed wheel bearings are advrage and tend to colaps after a few meets I would look at good jap or aussie bearing replacment usaly round $6 each
Check the engine and rear sprocket alignment before running.
The engines are great really no real issues... if you know how to look after a MX bike you should be right.
Hope some of that is helpful to ya.

24th May 2008, 19:11
Thanks Gadgit & BigAl
Thanks to all for your advice.

BigAl I am keen to look at your ex Race bike
I will PM you and get some details

Keen to have a ride if possible as I havent even sat on one!
Im only 5 foot 7 so I should fit

Sounds and looks like a lot of fun
I have been checking out some web sites

Al least I wouldnt have to clear out too much space in the garage to fit it in.
(Already 4 motorbikes in there already)



24th May 2008, 19:54
Hay BigAl I must have been part way through my post befor you posted lol didn't relize you still had the day2
Grant BigAls bike would be the best deal you can get as it comes with almost a whole bike as spares for the price of a new bike... you'll love the sport and don't worrie to much about your weight or hight as I am 6'2" and round 95kg and a daytona pulls me along fine....

24th May 2008, 20:14
Ex race bikes are good to get since most of the niggly little things that go wrong with the bikes have been ironed out. Such as replacing the plastic pullstart dogbone with an alloy one since the plastic one often shatters. Mine was an ex racer and it's served me well. Only problems so far have been the pull start string fraying and snapping which was awkward to fix, and it overheated once and required you to run with the rear wheel up and hop on to get it going otherwise it'd stall. Once it cooled down it was fine again.

24th May 2008, 20:30
Hey Gadgit how's it going? Must be time for you to come up to Mt Welly next month as well on your Duke.
Been getting some good numbers up there.

24th May 2008, 21:20
Thanks guys

Difinatelty keen
Still like my trail bike and wouldnt get rid of them but the pocket bikes sounds like good & reasonably safe fun.

Race meetings monthy?

Where do you go to practice?
local empty carparks?

Sorry for the basic questions


daytona 2
25th May 2008, 15:30
racing is twice to three times a month...practice is at mt wellington and racing is at edgecumb or taumaranui.....hope to see you there :niceone:

25th May 2008, 20:58
As Daytona said,

plus carparks & rural roads for a bit of a squirt, noise is the main problem in built up areas but the Daytonas are quieter than the higher horse power motos.

27th May 2008, 19:32
thanks to all you huys for your reply and help

hope to join you all soon