View Full Version : GPX250 troubles...

1st July 2008, 21:43
So I was riding my GPX250 home from uni this afternoon, when a strange thing happened.

Just before I got home, riding up a hill, it started making a funny noise - I think it was a bit clanky but I honestly cannot remember it exactly other than that it was not normal, and seemed to lose quite a bit of power.

I quickly pulled the clutch in, at which point the engine stalled. I coasted off into a driveway and pushed the bike home. It would not start at all when I tried again.

However I believe I probably ran out of petrol. I've only had the bike a few weeks and don't really know how to tell when it's empty, as I can still see petrol in the tank.

I switched it over to the reserve tank, and it started without much difficulty.
However it now makes a fairly horrid clanking noise when the engine is running.

I don't really know my way around a bike (but I'm relatively mechanically minded - studying toward a BE Mech Eng), but my guess is that the issue is most likely related to the timing chain, perhaps the tensioner has failed? Given that it does start, I'm guessing it hasn't snapped, but it's seriously nasty sound. The bike rolls smoothly in neutral with the clutch engaged and shifts between gears easily.

Any suggestions of things I should try to narrow down the issue, and any suggestions of mechanics in Auckland to take it to have it looked it? I'm not afraid of pulling it mostly apart myself, but I don't really have the time at the moment to start from scratch and I need transport. [Alternatively, any KB members keen to have a look for a reasonable reimbursement? I'm always keen for a bit of DIY]