View Full Version : Gsx400l 1984

Hamish Carlson
21st July 2008, 17:27
I'm not sure whether this is a carb or engine problem, as I've been told by different mates either is the issue...

I recently burnt out my charging electical system and had the stator replaced, new regulator, new battery. While this happened my bike was still revving out properly and I was doing short runs with bike running on battery I charged every night.

NOW however I am having some ultimate pain in the ass. When I went up north after all that replaced my bike kept missing while at revs between 4 and 6.5 thou rpm. by having my hand near the spark plugs while running I found out it was leaking spark, so replaced spark plugs, leads and coils (couldn't get old leads off old coils).

Since then its still not running right - It has adequate power at revs from 2-4 thou rpm, but if I try revving out it just flounders (best description). Back to low revs and its fine again. took air filter out, cleaned it, dried it, back in, no difference. Sprayed crc around join of airbox and carb, and bike died, so looked and airbox wasnt sealing with carb. Siliconed up the gap, as I thought it might have been stopping sufficient airflow into diaphram controlling needles (twin carb). Just went for a ride and its still doing it. Any Ideas?