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17th January 2005, 16:48
hey, i was wondering how big a job replacing the clutch on a zxr250c would be, and also the best place to get the bits from? any hints would be awesome thanks!

18th January 2005, 00:42
Hey Matt, it's a peice of piss to change the clutch on ya Zxr. If ya want any help in doing it PM me or give me a call, you should be able to get new plates from most shops that deal with kawasaki parts, you have to soak the new plates in oil first (overnight makes it easy) before installing them.
If you aren't all that confident to do it yourself if you can get the bike to me over in waterview i'll do it for you no problems, takes no more than an hour to do and i have heaps of time on my hands, so anytime suits me, weekend, weekdays, 2am whatever you get my drift. (just not to early).

Cool bro :niceone:

Bruce - 0212236081

18th January 2005, 22:41
thanks bruce, got some coming in on thurs so i'll do it on fri most likely. i'll probly send u a p/m b4 that, or call, just to sort out what the basics is.
cheers for ur help!

24th January 2005, 23:31
How'd ya get on? Pretty simple job? Relatively inexpensive as far as bikes go too I reckon