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17th August 2008, 11:59
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R6 Kid has been nominated as a Mentor for the Northern North Island region.


19th August 2008, 08:14

he is a good rider when his bike isnt being pulled out from the beautiful Norfland countryside :scooter:

19th August 2008, 13:05
A perfectly sensible young man when he came out on 250 rides with me and Maverick a couple of years ago. Brought his own porridge too :rofl:

19th August 2008, 17:21
As the oldest young man on KB Gareth would make an awesome mentor. :first:

19th August 2008, 17:36
I concur!

22nd August 2008, 22:27
When I have riden with him he has always presented himself a proficent rider for his age, he has been riding long enough to have got passed the crappy stage we all went through at his age and is the type off rider who will still be able to ride in 40 years time,( his skills will make him a surviver) he has aquired plenty of riding skilld that he could pass on to those who are starting out on the great adventure of motorcycling.

I hope he gets the backing of other riders on KB

23rd August 2008, 05:56
+1 Gareth is a sensible rider...*choke* ... er I mean yes he is sensible and can ride... but he needs another R6 to go fast.