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29th August 2008, 17:35
Alright well,

I ride a Honda CMX 'Rebel' 250.

Just recently there's been a pretty heavy leak coming from the bottom of the alternator, I thought this could just be the gasket so spent an afternoon pulling it apart, and re-applying gasket goo while the proper gasket takes 3 weeks to come from Japan.

For the first day, it worked perfectly. No oil leaking what-so-ever.

Just after work today I found a nice puddle of oil underneath my bike.. the bitch is back!

Now, when I stripped the alternator case I noticed there was what looked like a drainage hole coming from the alternator, which looks to be where the oil's leaking from, which makes me think this was a safety device and that oil is actually not meant to be in that compartment at all..

So.. err.. any ideas why it's leaking?

29th August 2008, 17:39
Sounds like you may have blown a seal

Yep. Oil seal
OIL SEAL (35X52X7)

behind the alternator. It's a dry compartment.

29th August 2008, 17:42
Sounds like you may have blown a seal


How many beers does that take to summon up the courage to accomplish?

29th August 2008, 17:44
As much as I do like the salty sea taste of seal sperm..

So, blown seal. Where the hell do I find that.. back to the books!

29th August 2008, 17:45
Sounds like you may have blown a seal

Just wipe your mouth and nobody will know....

29th August 2008, 17:49
Thing I hate about Honda owner's manual.. anything to do with the engine it just sort of gawk's at you "There's something wrong with our engines?! But... they're so reliable, this couldn't possibly be true!" and then just sits there unbelievingly.

Useless piece of crap..