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24th January 2005, 14:42
Been lurking occasionally for a few months (you folks gave me advice on buying my first "real" bike even if you didnt know it). Wanted some advice on something so I'm actually registering now.

I'm from Wellington, but live in Hamilton these days and have done for a few years. Been riding for about a year now, started on a lil Suzuki TR50 StreetMagic, then decided I wanted something for more than just running around town and moved up to a brand new black GN250 (sadly now written off and awaiting replacement, but thats for another post)

Pic of me enclosed below, its a year or two old but I think its a good pic of me.


24th January 2005, 14:44
hey there man welcome to the site might see you on the road in hamilton sometime look for the youngish guy on a 1100cc virago

Ms Piggy
24th January 2005, 14:49
Welcome along :wavey: You've come to the right place for friendly & helpful advice and rider mates.

24th January 2005, 14:52
Welcome to Kiwi Biker, Dude. :spudwave:

Ummmm.... if that's a good photo, then... :whistle:
Just joking. :laugh: Nowhere near as scary as my ugly mug...:eek5:

24th January 2005, 14:55
Welcome n' stuff

24th January 2005, 15:21
Thanks for the welcome folks :-)

And vifferman bad photos of me are rare becasue normally the lense breaks :innocent:

24th January 2005, 15:25
Hi Welcome to KB!!

:moon: <==== From Wari, who is AWOL at the mo.... you will get the official one on his return!

(Wari - This job is getting embarressing, I think you need to return from your galavanting now....)

24th January 2005, 15:26
Welcome welcome welcome - roll up and Wari will welcome you in time honoured tradition when he gets back!

In the meantime - I didn't see the photo - what photo??? Am I blind or is my machine stuffed?


And now it's there - REALLY strange!

24th January 2005, 15:37
Welcome. Tell the GN250 story (I love GN250 write off stories :devil2: )

OK, I found it here (http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/forums/showthread.php?p=157972#post157972) and that's not a good one. Fark. :Offtopic:

Riff Raff
24th January 2005, 15:53
Hello and welcome to KB. :wavey:

24th January 2005, 16:16
Hiya!... dont suppose you've got any bike pics??? take heaps of photos of your new one!!!

25th January 2005, 11:57
hi and welcome in. :devil2:

26th January 2005, 10:27
Greetings, welcome to KB

Hope you have loads o fun and rather buy a GZ250 than a GN250.....


26th January 2005, 23:21
Welcome and enjoy :)