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10th October 2008, 13:59
My GP100 that I was planning to do up got stolen on sunday, and was found in the Waikato Uni ponds/mini lake... I really couldn't be F***ed fixing it and doing it up to race (plus realised am just too poor) like previously planned. Its plate (which was also nicked) are still live or it would make a good bucket. Engine is realtively decent. I am just so pissed off I don't want it any longer. Thing is water logged, but am in the process of draining all the fluids. Even comes complete with the weeds from the lake. If you want engine, or complete bike, or wheels with tyres (Pirelli city demon 3.5" - 18" rear and decent chinese 2.75" - 18" city demon knockoff front) which are decent and pretty much new. The bike, which is a fair bit off warrantable, is in decent enough nick for racing once cleaned off etc.

Reasonable offers and can organise shipping to aucks, welly or chch. Not flexible about where it will be delivered, you'd have to meet up with truck in major centre and get bike/parts.

Feel free to PM me.


10th October 2008, 14:02
Frigging low life of Hamilton. Whats the Plate numbers, bet they show up somewhere??


10th October 2008, 14:04
Plate is 20TQZ, from recollection. If anybody notices them around the place, I reckon beats on the wanker who has them!

10th October 2008, 16:39
Wish you could shoot at the basterds :2guns:

I am sorry to hear you have been discouraged by this, we were looking forward to racing with you.

After draining the motor and gearbox please pour some Diesel into the motor/gearbox/fuel tank, this will help fight the rust. Diesel is great for things that have been for a swim.

Is this a spoked wheel version? What size and condition are the forks in?

Do you have a price? these make very good buckets.

Even faster than my one in the picture below.

10th October 2008, 16:59
Na, I have no idea about prices... Im not discouraged, just delaying my plans till next year when I finish my course and start earning money! I need to put the money towards my next bike as it was my only mode of transport, a roadgoing ts250. good idea though with the deisel. Bike was submerged for four days, so should be ok, just will need fluid changes and cleanout...

- Forks in ok condition, need o ring seals at the top end. Think they are between 28-30mm diameter. Nothing accurate to measure them with. Front brake disk model, not drum with spoked wheels

- Engine has done 24000 km with standard size piston, it wouldnt mind a rebore, however ran well and started without any hassles.

26th October 2008, 21:27
Did you manage to sell it?

27th October 2008, 18:43
still after parts if ya havent sold it and want to get rid of it fast and cheap :rolleyes: :blank:

good luck