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15th February 2005, 12:21
Ok – I have recently bought myself a 1987 CBR600. All was going sweet until I booked the bike in for a new rear tyre.
The person/mechanic pointed out to me a “noise” – Oh- that’s the CAM chain they said. They then proceeded to listen to the rattle and rev the bike.
1 – The rattle is only there when the engine is hot.
2 – The rattle disappears around the 3 ½ k to 4 k rev mark.
3 – The rattle reappears when de-accelerating again around the 3 ½ k to 4 k rev mark.

Could this be something serious or just a mechanical rattle due to the age of the bike?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.:niceone:


15th February 2005, 12:37
It's a Honda.

Honda's rattle unless:

They're brand new (and even then that's not always true).
They have gear-driven cams (and even then that's not always true).
They're two-smokes (and even then that's not always true).
But don't panic!!:calm:

Aftermarket camchain tensioners are available, so you can dispense with those horrible Honda ones. And they're easy to fit, and all that.
http://www.cbrzone.com/sprockets.html item HT600 is the one you want.

15th February 2005, 14:24
yep, sounds like a cam chain rattle, its quite common - up until '95 when they finally fixed it.

If its excessively loud, then it probably needs to be replaced (along with the tensioner).

15th February 2005, 14:31
Yep - I'm concur my esteemed colleagues, cam tensioner. No panic though, they're cheap enough.

15th February 2005, 18:43
Thanks for the advice guys. Will look into doing it myself. Well at least the tensioner anyway.:niceone: