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9th November 2002, 19:47
<table cellSpacing="5" cellPadding="0" width="192" align="left" border="0"><tr><td><table cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="192" align="left" border="0"><tr><td><img src="http://www.bigboystoysnz.com/images/gr_p_suz4.gif" width="192" height="20"></td></tr><tr><td><img src="http://www.bigboystoysnz.com/images/gr_p_suz5.jpg" width="192" height="86"></td></tr><tr><td><img src="http://www.bigboystoysnz.com/images/gr_p_suz6.gif" width="192" height="18"></td></tr></table></td></tr></table><br>At last we are going to see a bike at <a href="http://www.bigboystoysnz.com/">BigBoys Toys</a> that you can't see by just going down to your local bike shop. Looking forward to taking lots of high res pictures of the Supercharged 1300 GSX concept bike and posting them in the Gallery. And if itís not draped in bikini girlies, Iím gonna be really disappointed. :blah:<br><br>I'll try and take the day off on Friday and get down there early in the morning so hopefully I can avoid the crowds.

9th November 2002, 22:50
Haven't been for a couple'a years and I'm not working Friday !!!

11th November 2002, 11:55
I went to Big Boys Toys last year and was pretty dissapointed too. The BMW boys and AMPS were the only ones there (AMPS only had the hog range too) so I was pretty pissed off. The best bikes on show there were all the ones parked out the front by people at the show! Hopefully they've rectified the situation this year... although I don't see any of the big dealers listed in the exhibitors section www.bigboystoysnz.com (http://www.bigboystoysnz.com) :argh:
motomail and a few others... could be dissapointing! (What the hell are people like AMPS and Red Baron doing? slack bastards):brick:

11th November 2002, 15:58
Last year was a bit slack. Thank god I had a free ticket or I would have really been pissed.

It has to be better this year.........doesnt it???:calm:

11th November 2002, 18:28
Last year slack -I agree Ė but a few nice chicks around :blah:


11th November 2002, 21:36
Ah yes, that does make it a little more tolerable.


11th November 2002, 23:22
besides SpankMe going to be there on Friday morning?

14th November 2002, 18:52
I am thinking of going to BBT or Auckland in general - but was wondering whether anyone form Hamilton or the wider Waikato was riding up and wanted to meet up. Let me know.. Sven

14th November 2002, 22:13
if somebody calls me at 7AM i will come. it's just that my alarm clock only works from 9pm to later :p

i'm serious though, if somebody wakes me up at 7 i'll meet you guys there. :D

15th November 2002, 13:47
<table border="0" align="right"><tr><td align="center"><a href="/4images/categories.php?cat_id=10"><img src="/4images/data/thumbnails/10/KB_BigBoysToys-2002_DSC00390.jpg">
<smallfont>Big Boys Toys 2002</smallfont></a></td></tr></table>Meet up with knuckles and wari at the show and I have just got back. It's defiantly worth turning up when the gates open before the crowds arrive. And this is on a Friday. Itís gonna be worse on the weekend.

It's better than previous years, but still not great. At $15, I guess it's worth it.. Spent a couple of hours looking around the bikes and other stuff. Lotsa home theatre and other digital toys, but for a show that calls itself Big Boys Toys, itís sad that there are no firearm shops showing their wares.

Tooks some photos of some of the show girlies walking around. No bikini girlies :( None of them were all that stunning, but since I run a Playboy site, I guess Iím used to looking at professional babes.

15th November 2002, 13:53
yep, the girls were the attraction indeed.

besides the SF GSX 1300 i liked the Mzda RX8 (in a cage like the animal that it is)

but the chicks were good.

15th November 2002, 16:23
the last two posts clearly raised 2 question:

-where are the pics of the girlies
-whats the address of that playboy page...

thnks, Sven :beer:

17th November 2002, 11:21
Went down to the show again today. Wanted to get <a href="/gallery.php">some photos</a> of the bikes I missed last time and to see if there were nicer show girlies today. The Honda and the Woodstock Bourbon & Cola girlies where very nice. :D

I just give them one of the bussiness cards I made for Kiwi Biker and tell them I'm covering the show for the site, and they are more than happy to pose for the camera :bigthumb:

17th November 2002, 15:20
Thanx for the pic's
Nice bikes at the show - but I like the chicks more, particularly the Jim Beam girlies. Now I am happy and saved 15 bucks


17th November 2002, 15:26
Thanks muchly - bikes look ok - but the girlies made my day. Did any of them mention that they intended to come to the Waikato Riders Meeting ?


18th November 2002, 20:02
Thanks heaps for posting those pic's.
I forgot my camera and was kicking myself for not getting pic's of the suzuki 1300.

p.s. BBT's was still shit. Stands really looked budget.
But Ray from Power and Marine really took his new Honda distributorship seriously.
He put a very nice display together.

6th December 2002, 03:53
Nice chics, pitty the show is still not on, would have liked to seen more