View Full Version : ZXR250c clutch/gearbox problems

Simon A
14th March 2005, 11:19
I bought myself a zxr250 a few weeks ago and after riding it round for a few days i noticed the clutch was slipping on some up changes and the 'box seemed to make a rough sounding clunk when shifting up or down.
I went in to Mt Eden MC's to see Ricky and after a test ride he suggested it was the clutch plates.
Now with new clutch plates and springs it is even worse :confused: . It doesn't slip but shifting can be quite rough when cold. When it's left over night the clutch will stick (in the morning or after work, first gear, clutch in, engine off and the bike won't move) and when stopped in first for the first 5 mins of riding it will feel like the clutch hasn't disengaged properly but a bit of a rev will free it up.
I've been back to Mt eden and they've made a few adjustments and assured me thats everything is as it should be.
Basically I want to know if this sounds normal? Perhaps I have just become accustomed to the silky smooth shift of my cbrs 'box... :p anyone else gone from a cbr to zxr found the 'box to feel a bit dodgy?
Sorry for crapping on and thanks for any help :2thumbsup

14th March 2005, 12:45
What oil ya running?? could just be clutch drag when its cold, try another oil nxt service....

Simon A
15th March 2005, 19:35
Running synthetic 10w40. I changed the oil the day before the clutch was done and it felt the same. But it was after the clutch was done that it got worse :spudwhat:

16th March 2005, 17:40
I run Golden Spectrum Semisynthetic in mine, the gear box felt a lot better after a changed to it. I find that it is smother to change gears if you are either at high rmp on full throttle or low rmp cruising it. Anything in between feels "clunky". I have never tried pushing it while it's in gear but I tried to start in gear yesterday, when it was cold, and the clutch wasn't disengauged.

Try that oil and tell us how you go, but the zxr's are known for the "clunky" gear boxes. Maybe someone that has owned one can take it for a ride and give you their opinion.

16th March 2005, 17:44
Duz the noise go away when ya pull in the clutch? if so its just basket rattle. most of my bikes(older ones) have had it....not normaly something to worry about...

Simon A
17th March 2005, 07:38
カワサキキド,I was thinking about changing to mineral or semi, thats what I always used to run in the cbr. I may give it a go this weekend. I'm also getting a new cable on friday so hopefully that will help. It's not so much the clunky shifts I'm worried about, just the clutch dragging at the lights and the way it's locked up in the mornings.
R1Aaron, there isn't much noise when stationary, I think most of it comes from the cam chains anyway...