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21st May 2009, 21:41
Has any one got any information or pictures on how Don Vesco joined his 350 Yams together. I got these two engines laying around........

23rd May 2009, 15:44
Chain (or possibly toothed belt). One engine was behind the other. The front engine may have has its gearbox removed. You going to go for the land speed record?

Supertwin Don
24th May 2009, 19:49
Seen recently at Shakespeare County raceway - sorry, no details other than it was a National Sprint Association rider

20th July 2009, 23:02
toothed belt is the only reliable way

21st July 2009, 22:42
heres a prime example

6th August 2009, 22:46
If anyone is interested i have helped to do this before
most of the major stuff was cutting the gearboxs away
the one i did was a twin engined norton,
easy? no gearbox to cut off, wrong!!!!
they all have to line up or the belts creap,
had belts flying all over,!!!

Weres eric and the H2

best times please old fart



7th August 2009, 10:24
But when you get it right...