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A series of blog entries about Kiwi Biker and how to use this site.

  1. Picture Of The Month

    How do I submit a picture?
    Pictures need to be in a publicly accessible album. Go to full image view for the submit picture to POTM link.
    You can submit up to 3 images.
    If you have changed album privacy settings in Settings -> Profile Privacy to anything other than "Everyone" or "Registered members", you pictures will not be seen.

    What type of pictures can I submit?
    The picture must be motorbike related in some way.
    You must have taken the photo ...
  2. Advertising events and businesses

    Advertising motorcycle events is always free on Kiwi Biker. Just post the event info in the forums and add a calendar event. This allows members to subscribe to the event thread to be kept informed of updates, as well as request an event reminder from the calendar event. If this is a major event and you would like it displayed on the homepage, just contact one of the Admins.

    All motorcycle businesses that wish to sell their wares on this site must create a login using their business ...
    KB Services
  3. What's a Senior Member, Site Leader, Mentor, etc?

    KB has several groups which you can belong to access different site areas and functionality. You can check your group memberships in settings under Permission Groups.

    When you first join, you belong to the "registered" group. Over time, you can join the Senior Member group.

    How do I become a Senior Member?
    Once you have been an active member on Kiwi Biker for long enough, you will be made a Senior Member. This change is automatic once you have been an active ...
    Permission Groups
  4. Intro to User Infractions

    User Infractions allow mods to issue yellow or red cards to users who break site rules.

    Each infraction type has an expiration time. When the infraction expires, the associated points are removed from the user's point total. Infraction types can also be given as warnings. A warning does not add any infraction points to the user's point total.

    Examples of site functionality that can be lost due to a high infraction level. The higher their level, the more functionality ...
    Infractions , Site Rules
  5. Site server requirements and costs

    Many people have asked about the cost of running this site. Also many others have offered to help host it and wanted to know what it required. So here are the details.

    I run two sites on this server. Kiwi Biker & SV Portal.

    Last updated: 11/01/2010

    The cost:
    Current server is with MegaNetServ: Setup $40US, Monthly fee $119US

    vBulletin license: $30US/year for each site. domain cost: $35NZ/year ...
  6. What are these graphics/titles on my posts?

    What is the "L-Plate Rider", "Scooter boy", etc under my name?.
    It is a user title which graduates the more you post. Once you reach the status of Senior Member, you are able to define your own user title.

    What are the small stars/graphics under my name?
    These are graphical user ranks which also graduate and increase in number the more your post.
    They start with silver stars
    then change to gold stars at 200 posts
    then change to a rainbow at 1000 ...
    Posting , Reputation
  7. Posting and you.

    This site is made up of different content types where you can post messages.

    The main types are: Posts (Threads), Entries (Blogs), Article Comments (CMS), Group Messages (Social Groups), Events (Calendar) & Ads (Bike Trader).
    Lesser types are: Visitor messages (Profiles) & Picture Comments (Albums).

    For now only posting in threads increases your post count and only if you post in a Motorcycle forum. Posting in non motorcycle forums like Off Topic will not add ...
  8. Kiwi Biker Mailing Lists

    To help keep everyone informed about any protest actions against the ACC Levies, I have brought Email Marketing software from ActiveCampaign. The software allows you to easily unsubscribe from it's mailing lists, so we can send emails about any related event/info without worrying about annoying people.

    Non Kiwi Biker members can sign up to it's mailing lists without having to register with KB by visiting the following URL. Previous mail outs can also be viewed here.

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