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all4A50s newbie experience

experiences of returning to riding and racing.

  1. What a long road of Prep III

    10.30 the night before a meet and the scramble to prep the bikes and load up is finally over.

    Ended up swapping the fairing, tank and seat on Ikasu with Wanisami to tidy her up. I found an RG50 fairing which I put on Wanisami for shits and giggles and with the longer seat, number boards and tank she looks like a classic retro bucket.paint job even works.

    Oh well off to laa laa land before a delightful 5.45am start.

    I'll post some photos as soon as I ...
  2. What a long road of Prep II

    As always buckets are being pulled apart and rebuilt;

    ISSHAU; tyres fitted, sump plug wired but have changed the mudguard to a longer one. Biker Bee had a great time sticking decals and her numbers on to the bike

    ZENSEN; Parts being pulled off and paint job touched up. Biker Bee tried to ride her but the bike really is to heavy for her and she fell over so we'll probably use Isshau for the enduro. Have found a front fairing and new race seat for her, which I'll be getting ...
  3. What a long road of Prep

    Biker Bee and myself have feverishly prepping our stable of buckets, getting ready for the next KoK. We need to make the next meeting in Sept though to give the bikes and good shake down. here's how they stand;

    IKASU ("Old but cool"), RX125 powered RG50 chassis, mid repairs, looking at transplanting engine into another frame.

    WANISAMI ("Sword"), RG50, all ready to go. If anyone wants to have a turn at buckets PM me.

    ZENSEN ("Fight the good fight"), CBR150, ...
  4. G*! damn carbs

    Finished putting the DS80 together, fixed the oil leak and she's great for about 400m then the carb blocks up again so a fun filled couple of hours of cleaning out the fuel system. Should be a good learning curve for Biker Bee.

    Mean while I'll be putting my first bucket (an RG50 called Wanisami) back together as a back up bike for her. I'd rebuilt Wani with the seat moved forward as an intermediate bike due to B.Bee small stature. Now just needs a working front brake and a better ...
  5. DS80 lives again

    Have just spent the last couple of weeks rebuilding the engine of Biker Bee's bucket. Even though the engine was still running I discovered the piston skirt had broke into little balls, travelled through the transfer ports and kept fouling the spark plug.

    So I decided to use the spare engine and see the photos to see what I found. Gotta love a farmer's care of machinery.
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  6. Waiting for clear weathered health

    As much as it pains me, so to speak, not racing at Taupo last weekend really hit hard. The port-a-cath they had put in for chemo became infected so i got stuck in Hospital for 9 days, followed by IV antibiotics twice a day.

    Tomorrow I'm back off to see the consultant, which Im quite nervous about as I want the picc line out. it driving me to distraction with constant itching, is a reminder of whats going on, and leaves me sitting around the house unable to do much at all.
  7. Feeling the beauty of riding the perfect race

    Well the one last time ride I expected the last one to be wasn't and was followed by 2 practices and and 11/2 days of racing.

    This first practice was lots of heart leaping little thomas the tank engine's "I can do this, I can do this."

    The second practice was lets get some decent laps times and was more than happy with 46 sec laps (about a sec off my top consistent times)

    With first day weather packing up and I crashing I'd had enough and went home after ...
  8. I now see the beauty of riding the perfect race

    I now see the beauty of riding the perfect race as for those 8 - 10 laps your out giving it your all and you become lost in the simple task of riding your bike. Almost nothing else going on in your life matters.

    I raced late last month for "one last time" before going into hospital for treatment for cancer. It was the first time my health really affected my riding as I couldn't breath.

    Tomorrow I am being admitted into Wgtn Hosp for further tests and start chemo and ...
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