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  1. A sudden urge to...get in to the unknown. By Conquiztador

    I wanted to travel from Haumoana (outside Napier) to Palmerston Nth. A easy 2 hour trip. I have done this trip a multitude of multitude of times. There was many options of how to travel, but in my wisdom I decided to take my 65 Pan. As I had plans to ride on her to Waihi Beach to see Blacklistt and Devilskin (and one more band that escapes me) on 22 Dec I concluded that this would be a good presidents run...

    The plan was to do a daylight run. My notes told me that I was to leave at ...
  2. White Ribbon Ride 2010

    I rode the whole White Ribbon Ride in November 2010. From Tauranga to Bream Bay. Add to that travel from Napier to get to Tauranga and back home from Bream Bay and you have 3,225 Km's.

    You find it all at: http://petewhiteribbon2010.blogspot....e-by-pete.html with pictures, links and a daily recollection. (Sorry, as I have it all there I can not see the reson to add it all here)

    I will be back for the 2011 White Ribbon Ride. Hope to see ...