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Selected ponderings from my life

Things that come in to my head and I feel like sharing.

The only way for you to find out what goes on inside my head is to read.

Feel free to comment.

  1. A sudden urge to...get in to the unknown. By Conquiztador

    I wanted to travel from Haumoana (outside Napier) to Palmerston Nth. A easy 2 hour trip. I have done this trip a multitude of multitude of times. There was many options of how to travel, but in my wisdom I decided to take my 65 Pan. As I had plans to ride on her to Waihi Beach to see Blacklistt and Devilskin (and one more band that escapes me) on 22 Dec I concluded that this would be a good presidents run...

    The plan was to do a daylight run. My notes told me that I was to leave at ...
  2. White Ribbon Ride 2010

    I rode the whole White Ribbon Ride in November 2010. From Tauranga to Bream Bay. Add to that travel from Napier to get to Tauranga and back home from Bream Bay and you have 3,225 Km's.

    You find it all at: http://petewhiteribbon2010.blogspot....e-by-pete.html with pictures, links and a daily recollection. (Sorry, as I have it all there I can not see the reson to add it all here)

    I will be back for the 2011 White Ribbon Ride. Hope to see ...
  3. One More Journey (Fiction)

    I had always wanted to make a difference, be someone who would be remembered for all the right reasons. Someone people spoke about with respect and admiration.

    At times I felt that I was almost there, that what I had done would make a positive difference in some ones life. But then at other times I would find myself in the gutter, all in shatters and only my survival instincts would keep me going. So often had I wanted to give up, just let go and vanish. But somehow I never ...
  4. Test ride of Harley 2009 Rocker Custom

    Firstly I need to tell you that I like Panheads and Shovels. Anything after that and I loose the ability to focus. It is now a few years since I sold my last Shovel and I have since been riding speedway and some jappas. Main reason is financial, 7 years ago I became single parent with 4 small boys, so anything that was not needed was sold. Sadly. But reality...

    It has been a while since I had a ride on a HD. So when the offer of a 1/2 hour testride on a 2009 came along I grabbed it. ...
  5. There is no logic to riding.

    There is no logic to riding. (Or: Napier Timaru return on a Honda NV400)

    I have all my life been proud of my logic. It has always been my strongest attribute. When at school I soon realised that my memory had faults, and if it had been a Hard Drive it would have been sent back for a warranty replacement straight away. But I sadly did not come with a warranty. So I learnt to rely on my logic to fill the memory gaps.

    When all others in my class would learn the mathematic ...
  6. Knowledge and what to do with it.

    A few weekends ago a young chap came around with his 2-stroke bike as his knowledge was not enough to sort out some of the stuff. I liked to be able to help. And he seemend very pleased with what I was able to contribute.

    I did nothing that he would not have been able to do himself. A very intelligent chap. I recon it was more to have someone there who had done it before and was not scared to open a motor. Next time he will be able to do it himself. But if not, then I be happy to ...
  7. The List

    I am sitting here looking at "The List". If you have no idea what I am on about, then you are one of the blessed ones. The rest of us mortals have one somewhere. On the puter, typed up and in the drawer, written in to the diary. Or as the motivational speakers will tell you to do: On the wall in big letters so you can see it and focus on the tasks. It then apperently becomes part of your subconcious and you will automatically get the things done.

    More about that later. But I have ...
  8. More of my fiction writing

    NOTE: I would love your comments on my fiction writing. Anything will do.


    The naked light bulb had a strong pull. He knew he had to fly towards it. And then circle it. Around and around, until he got dizzy and disoriented. And then he would land somewhere and just sit there feeling the excitement that the flight had caused.
    He also knew that as soon as his head was clear again, he would be back up there doing the dance with the other moths. He knew ...
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