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The Chronicles of Sled

  1. The Chronicals of Sled:The "Big Twin" Update -Revisted-

    Part 2 of 2

    The finishing 180 grit grinding tool valves installed into the 'jig' head .

    Finished piston, ready for installation.
  2. The Chronicals of Sled:The "Big Twin" Update -Revisted-

    Part 1 of 2

    Well back in the original update I alluded to the fact that there was quite a difference in weight between the old 44mm 125cc pistons and the new 47mm 142cc pistons. At the time I decided to try the lighter pistons without balancing the entire reciprocating assembly. The results were more than satisfactory with no appreciable difference in vibration.

    Now that I'm back in my trade I have access to very accurate electronic scales used for colour matching ...
  3. The Chronicles of Sled: Hidden bling

    In my earlier blog entry about keeping a good supply of lube I showed what happens to the cam bushes when they don't get lubricated properly. At the time I had plenty of spares that were still well within service limits so I was not too concerned about the same problem arising.

    I did another set in running a cam that had slightly worn journals, I should've taken more time to measure them but as they say coulda, shoulda, woulda...

    So I took a visit to the local ...
  4. Racing this time:Pictures = words x onethousand……..

    I just pulled my engine apart after my brutality of Saturday sprint race.

  5. Racing this time:Sully60's Battle of forever more, I mean Buckets.

    Part 2.

    So I fuel up the little blue FXR, use a strip of tape to change the number to 157 (did you get that Skunk Control and Rashika?) and check the tyres, hmm Vee Rubber road tyre rear, which looks like it will be fun, not! But the TZR front end looks good so this will be an interesting ride.

    So I pull out onto the damp looking track towards the back of the pack on the warm up lap for the main event and give it some berries around the final turn onto the straight ...
  6. Racing this time: Sully60's Battle of forever more, I mean Buckets.

    Part 1.

    Right this is going to be a long story so get yourself a cuppa or a shot glass and make yourselves comfortable.

    A few of you know the story of how my getting to this meeting came about but for those who don’t is was down to the generosity of many people on this site who all put in to help me get there. I’ll go into details later but I’ll just say that I’ve been humbled by the whole experience and will remember the kind spirit shown and carry it with me for a ...
  7. The Chronicles of Sled: I've lost inches off my bottom!

    Well the Leadsled has.

    Gone are the mismatched 3 and 4 inch rims and the rear contact patch that was all but gone at 15 degrees lean angle.

    The front wheel conversion was less than simple as the first pic will illustrate.

    I bet your saying to yourself why didn't you just find bearing with the right ID/OD to make this easy, turkey!

    Mr Kawasaki didn't want me to put ZZR250 wheels into my ZXR250 so he choose bearings that don't have corresponding ...
  8. The Chronicles of Sled:Bring the noise! oh and some earplugs

    I've just completed two days work of works to come up with the following:

    Big thanks to Campbell (non KB master fabricator) and of course Skunk for allowing me to crash his Tuppagadgets mens BBQ and utilise the awesome Skunkworks Bucket factory.

    We could only run it for a short time because it's not quite finished properly, but from what we did do we know its LOUD!

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