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  1. TOTO and Gremlin invade The South - Day 3

    Day 3 – Friday 24.02.12 – Preparing for the TT2000

    It is an early morning wake up at 9am. The TT2000 official start is at 6pm and we have to get ready for the event. That includes get the bikes all packed, chains (ok my chain) lubricated, stock up on cereal bars and water etc. I had a slight suspicion that I had forgotten to get WOF done on the bike and more importantly the old one had expired. Further check on my part reveals that it had in fact expired about 20 days ago. Oops. That's ...
  2. TOTO and Gremlin invade The South - Day 2

    Picton to Christchurch – Thursday 23.02.12.

    Breakfast was being served from 8-9am and we wanted to catch that so a quick shower at 8am and to the food we went. Three scones and a tea later hunger is satisfied while th tall guy has had a scone and a bowl full of cereal.

    Today we had to decide on what route to use to get to Christchurch. Do we use the straight down boring route or do we get more adventurous, brave the rain and do something fun? Bugger the rain – we like ...
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  3. TOTO and Gremlin invade The South - Day 1

    Auckland to Picton - Wednesday 22.02.12

    The bike had been prepared the night before with all the necessities for the 10 day trip including tools, number 8 wire, and plenty of cable ties and duck tape. Somehow I had the feeling that I had forgotten something. We are going to the South Island for the TT2000 motorcycle ride - 2000 kms in 48 hours and do some south island exploration after...

    The day started early with a wake up alarm at 5.30am. Quick shower, battle gear ...
  4. TT2000 on a GN250 - Sunday - Day 2 of TT2000

    Sunday – Day 2 of TT2000

    Day two started at 5:30am. My phone alarm was piercing the silence like an ice pick. It was getting louder and louder and the whole bed was vibrating due to the silent vibration alert being on as well. Looked at the phone screen and wondered why the hell the alarm went off so damn early, then the pain from my tail bone reminded me. Day 1 already behind me with 1100kms on the GN combined with some rough south island had resulted a super painful backside. Never ...
  5. TT2000 on a GN250 - Saturday - Day 1 of TT2000

    Saturday – Day 1 of TT2000

    Beep, beep, beep – 4:30 and the alarm was going. It didn't take long for the Gremlin and I to get packed up and jump on the bike this time. We were both excited about the two days ahead. Went to the Gas station and Mr. Gremlin proceeded to fill up his fuel tanker while I was busy lubricating the chain on the GN. There were already a bunch of TT riders at the gassy and I could see that the GN had already sparked interest amongst some of them and was seeing ...
  6. TT2000 on a GN250 - Friday - Picton to Dunedin

    Friday – Picton to Dunedin:

    6:30am I wake up, luggage on the bike, filling the bike and I’m off. Riding south, the feeling was much similar to the one I had the previous day – anxious to get to my destination. I get quite happy travelling through new places and as boring as SH1 is it was still interesting to trough some parts I hadn’t done before. The GN was slow but a huge problem as I was staying on a healthy 95km/h most of the time. The thing with the GN250 is that you almost never ...
  7. TT2000 on a GN250 - Thursday - Auckland to Picton

    Thursday – Auckland to Wellington

    Day 1 of our trip was the Auckland to Picton stretch. Gremlin and I were originally planning to leave at about 8-9am in order to catch the ferry at 6:25. Given the change in circumstances and equipment I decided that it is going to be a wise idea if I left a little bit earlier to give myself and the GN some time in case we weren't able to move the same speed at Gremlins brand new BMW. How right was I.

    Leaving at 6am with the bike fully ...
  8. TT2000 on a GN250 - Preperation

    We are all crazy in our own way…

    Having done the TT2000 with Gremlin in 2010 I was definitely hooked to long distance rallies and also ended up doing the Rusty Nuts’ Grand Challenge. There as no question I was going to go down to the TT2000 in 2011 as well.

    Some people go through extraordinary lengths of preparation for the TT. This sometimes includes obtaining a whole new motorcycle, with extended fuel range, accessories setup, and clocking thousands and thousands ...