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parts for a streetfighter!

  1. water in cylinders?!

    i bought a 1986 gsxr750 to replace my poor lost TL (i know some of you may think thats a step backwards but its 190kg with 100bhp at the back wheel, i'm not complaining), and its been going great till just a couple days ago. well pretty much yesterday though sunday was a little glitchy. feels like its running on 3 cylinders, maybe even two sometimes, pulled out sparkplugs yesterday, they're brand new. mechanic mate said, might be distributor leads but i'm hoping its not cos it turns out they're ...
  2. well, it happened again

    cruising home after getting some work done on a saturday, thought i'd go for a quick blast through town. as i was leaving i turned into a side street between the two one-ways in town to get back in the homewards direction. i could see a guy in a big ute coming out of the driveway just a bit ahead of me, and i could see he wasn't looking right. in fact he was focussing to his left very hard for some reason. of course, being a biker for 8+ years you come to learn that most people simply don't see ...
  3. what the hell is this?

    i assume its some kind of breather but i really don't know..any TLS riders, i'd love some help!
  4. i'm going on a north island tour..:-)

    when i've finished my studies at the end of the year and subsequently passed, i'm taking 2 weeks off to go for a tiki tour around the island..there are a few places i've never been and some places i've only seen when i was a wee tacker. pretty much i will be heading north from new plymouth, going through to hamilton, then auckland, then up to cape reinga, back down again following the coast around past omokoroa, down through napier and hastings, across to pahiatua and through the ranges just north ...
  5. it beginulates..

    so the streetfighter is starting to gain some momentum..i have secured a headlight (the actual one i wanted too, mint!) and mocked up a tail..
    anyone wanna buy a k4/k5 gsxr600 headlight? its in excellent condition..$150 would do.:-)
    so anyway. heres the photochop, yes i'm using sully's bike as i have the same bike plus i'm using a k7 gsxr600 headlight..:-) but i will be retaining the standard wheels and leaving the frame as is, if i get real bored i may end up polishing it.
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  6. TL1000S battery issues!!

    my battery keeps crapping, it'll go great for a while, but it'll wear down and then die completely. i'm currently running my brother's chopper battery in it and he wants it back..
    i've been told perhaps i'm running the wrong ampere/hour (old battery was 10amp/hr and current one is 7 amp/hr) but what i know about electronics is smaller than an ant shit..
    anyone else experience this problem? i have spoken to a few that say it's just what TLs do..any ideas of how to remedy ...
  7. wanted suzuki TU50 streetmagic!

    anyone got one for horrendously cheap? need a run around for early in the morning (i go to the gym most mornings at about 5:30 and the neighbors and other people living with me are getting pissed off with the open mufflers on my TL)..will consider damn near anything.:-)

    alternatively a gn250 in decent condition wouldn't be too bad..just want something kick n' go.

    i don't have enough money but i see a BEAUTIFUL project here..i know i'm gonna step on some toes here with a certain group but i'm sure someone else will see just how potentially excellent this could be..


    minus the sportster ...
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