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My Leaky Home Blog

Ravings of a weekend house-bound biker. Come on kids...grow up so I can go for a ride.

  1. Where to begin....?

    Back in the heady days of late 2000, the newly acquired SWMBO and I were driving past Pt Chevaleir and decided to check out some open homes on a whim. We looked at a few houses, then we hit on "the one". We had started planning our wedding but after checking with a mortgage broker, we found that we could indeed service a mortgage if we put the wedding back a year, so after some fierce negotiations and lots of too-ing and fro-ing, we made the deal and had a house.

    Life was good. We ...
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  2. 5...4...3...2...1...Thunderblogs are GO!

    Ahh, wouldn't it have been great to have a blog before the house renovations started?

    Here we are, 4 and a bit months down the track with many fascinating tales of resource consents, building consents, outrageous fees and impending court cases that could have filled the entries here. I may do some retrospective blogging on the whole process to warn others what they are up against.

    Still, theres only 2 weeks left of the build and the house is looking damn good. 2 new ...
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