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  1. The Great ZZR Makeover: Pt. 1

    Well, she's back. After weeks of wrangling, sleepless nights, abuse on here and lots and lots of support and help from some brilliant people, Tox is back in my possession. She looks a bit different to say the least, but I like it. The fairings are repaired but need repainted, but after a lot of thought I'm going to keep her naked. She's going to need a lot of work but I think she'll be a really unique-looking machine when she's finished, and I think a project like this will really improve my knowledge ...
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  2. Nine Inch Nails, Vector Arena, 17/02/09

    Nine Inch Nails. The kind of band that, for a certain age group at least, carries a heavy weight of expectation. I was 15 when I got my hands on a copy of The Downward Spiral, and like so many other mopey teenagers in eyeliner it became the soundtrack to my teenage angst and late-night poetry-writing. It’s been a decade but they’re still my go-to group when I want to hear that someone is feeling more whiny than me. Despite their reputation as being more of a tribute band of themselves these days, ...
  3. Kiwibiker, how do I love you?

    In a multitude of ways it seems.

    The Good: The flood of offers to help fix up the Kwaka after my spill. Lots of guys all wanting to help out, lots of advice on dealing with insurance companies and the like. I'm not one of those cynical twats who thinks that it's by virtue of my feminine nature that's made people want to help out, I am genuinely thrilled at how people here are so keen on bikes and getting people on them

    The Bad: I'm not sure how it's gone on here ...
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